Nerf Dragon's Eye already! (or alternatively, buff all other transform troops)


Don’t blame the weapon blame the players who put up grief defenses
Enjoy my 4X Drake Rider defense this week, although I have had one complain hevdoesnt like them because it “slows me down” good grief, not every battle should be over in 30 seconds!


I agree! :slightly_smiling_face: I think this is a much more interesting part of the discussion :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:.

This was my response in another thread on Transformations, and I still think it could help solve the issue of facing particularly difficult teams in PvP:


I temp. returned to the game… innocently entered a battle and had my team turned into Baby Dragons. Never entered a battle with that again.
Just useless.

Another troop I avoid

Killed all but that one and it devoured my troops one by one. No fails.


The problem is more with the way of how Random is working. Dragon eye can transform stealth troops but that shouldnt be the case imo. I know its working as intended but I find it illogical. If the player have 2 Stealth troops then Dragon eye should only be able to transform one of the 2 other troops without stealth.
That would offer a counter strategy against Dragon eye other than the Invulnerable trait that only the Doom troops have.
Also 17 mana in place of 15 could be another option.


I quite often have DE on my 1, 2 and 3 trophy battles. Plus if you are going for the leader board 1 and 2 trophies don’t give enough points.

As you can see I go a bit beyond getting to tier 1 and it definitely is. Every 7 or 8 out of 10 battles has Dragon’s Eye. The teams are quite often different but they all have troops that will constantly fill DE.

I really don’t mind fighting it every so often but when I have 100+ fights against the same thing every week it is not fun at all.


Maybe have DE always summon a level 500 Baby Dragon. Players would have to weigh carefully whether the risk of scaly Baby Huey was worth messing up team synergy.

  1. I like to think these players put DE out there in hopes that the new meta gets enough attention from the devs that they make a change.
  2. People are free to start whatever defense they want. But in terms of starting 4 Drake riders to “help” with an event. I explain to folks that they aren’t “helping” as much as they think since it’s taking folks twice as long to do the match with the same amount of gold won from just starting 4 different brown troops.


I agree, not fun at all. Did not realize many players were having to put up with this so frequently. Don’t know what the answer might be. I have not seen anything from the devs on this.
Seems there are players who don’t want it nerfed either.
Hopefully something can be done but what?


I flat out will not enter a PVP match vs anyone using this ridiculous card. Forced to play against it in guild wars and it’s miserable. instantly turn my best cards into the weakest troop in the game, guaranteed, with a low mana cost that can be generated with an empowered unit? That is just broken beyond all reason.


Disagree. Baby dragon isn’t the weakest troop in the game, you could have your troops transformed into far worse :joy:


да удалите вы уже этот не сбалансированный кусок говна! он уже надоел каждый второй бой это просто не реально,какому идиоту пришла такая гениальная идея с этим оружием? так вот он просто конченный урод! играть уже просто не выносимо и есть огромное желание удалить эту игру и забыть как страшный сон,я понимаю если бы работала скрытность но бля она не работает против этого говна!


I like how people say to just ignore the battle but when it appears as all 3 trophies or more importantly, in Guild Wars were, the highest guilds need to win every battle, it becomes a massive problem as the only way to skip the battle is to forfeit all battles for the day so get a Dragon’s Eye battle 1? RIP that day’s attempts… yet people will still defend it even on Guild Wars or whenever Delve Rooms get Dragon’s Eye as a foe in a mandatory room…

The weapon is the purest definition of Anti-Fun. You get no enjoyment going against it and makes battles drag on for far longer and in the case of Guild Wars, the longer the battle and more gems the enemies get (Remember, Dragon’s Eye also GAINS MANA) then even if it’s a win, it’s a very low score.


Since you named GW, funny that DE is so broken and still our paragon lost 20 def on her DE def day (and only 20 cuz some members of the other guild are waiting for sunday to do all battles at once).

Myself too lost none vs DE in gw so far, 1 vs gobs, 1 vs Skulls/jar and today 1 vs Anu/astra & co.

But well, idc even if that weapon get removed from game lol seen i even took away from pvp def (tired of having lame win/loss ratio lmao).


By the sounds of it, you haven’t ran into the worst one for Dragon’s Eye. I ran into one where the hero was first which wasn’t bad due to Silent Sentient but again, it’s still a problematic weapon because, not everyone can get all the mana they needed to set themselves up compared to you.

Besides, Gimlet is the worst for this thanks to the (also needs looking at) empowered where, turn 1, Dragon’s Eye can be full mana and ruin the battle. Yet you still defend it because…? Some people didn’t have the right team comp/was messing around (Like not having Titan on top of it)?

So if I made the Divine Meta team before all the nerfs, would you just let it go and say “Don’t be slow” or “Don’t be unlucky” or “Copy them”?


Are you saying all other players set their defenses to be beaten as fast as possible from the invader? ^^ You must only meet the popular 4 firebomb team.
I’m always in for 4 event troops over 4 non event troops. I often choose the harder battle when it has 2 or more event troops and the other choices have 1 or none.

I thank all players who put up troops in pvp that help with the event. And in my gratefulness I do the same. (Although my troops are mixed level 1ers and so far only 2 attacks failed… I guess from disconnection xD).


Nope. Not saying 99% of what you’re alleging.
But I think your question was rhetorical. So feel free to scroll up again to see exactly what I said. Maybe a second read will vacate all the assumptions you made. :grinning:


My -forced upon me- baby dragon turned into a dragon egg.
Now I know what was first.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I’d object far less to DE if I could at least transform into the troop from my collection (i.e. with the rarity level and traits that I’ve unlocked) as it used to work. Baby dragon is bad enough, but anything it summons is severely crippled due to the half levelling and lack of traits


Once the troop is changed into a Baby Dragon, if you can use it’s ability without being looped into oblivion then it will change into say, Divinia and if you have her, she’s the current level she is in your hoard with all unlocked traits. It makes no sense in that scheme of things.

It made sense in delves as it was a nice and decent way to make progress without being too overpowered (Since, you know, overkill stats on the other 3) but still… the fact the dev’s haven’t been trying it in all game modes is discouraging, especially with all the power creeping as of late.


Right you are. Ignore me, I think I’m going mad