Nerf Dragon's Eye already! (or alternatively, buff all other transform troops)


Well, dunno if in bracket 1 gw ppls set “crappy DE def” in your world, i think in mine they put the best they can.

Guess also everyone playing PS4 dont know how to put “pro DE def” existing on your world, did 500ish pvp fights, included tests for the stupid GW and losses to DE can be counted with 1 hand (had a whopping 1 today too and tbh only cuz scorpy killed last 2 really fast, helped by alchemist in case you wonder how he filled scorpy before DE)…


I question that heavily. Your team was Hero, Alchemist, Magnus and Scorpius? I can’t see how Scorpius can instantly kill Gimlet or Highforge unless they were cursed because, shocker, they are immune to poison and only cursed removes the trait. Only Magnus can apply cursed via 4 or 5 gem matches otherwise I’m calling you out on the worst DE defense team.

Like I said, Dragon’s Eye is no fun to go against and once it casts, it’s over for your team. It’s like high level delves where one match is game over. Besides, I’m not the only one who hates the weapon as others also hate going against it because it is no fun at all like bugged Ubastet who could kill all newly spawned troops like bandits before he got fixed.


You can still recover after 1 or 2 Dragon’s Eye cast unless you’re only running one damage dealing troop. You may need to check your team compositions if one cast defeats your team. Sometimes the Baby Dragon transforms into something even more useful than the original team member.


Infernus from Old Divine Meta (Hard blocks Ishbaala and Ubastet) and Skeleton Key from Greed/Egg Thief/Key/Cedric.

Even then, it’s still no fun since, aside from the dooms, there is no counter to transform. Only thing to stop it (Along with cursed) is Invulnerable which is on bad troops we can get and on enemies which we can’t get (Raid Zuul’s 6 forms and Towers),

I feel like Transformation as a whole might need looking at but the biggest offender to this is Dragon’s Eye with the guaranteed chance. What’s next? Doomclaw having 100% devour and if he devours one, he devours the other even if they would be immune otherwise? Dawnbringer giving enchant to everyone else along with barrier? Stuff like that makes Dragon’s Eye look ridiculous in comparison.

Speaking of Cursed, can’t wait to fight against a troop that curses all your team making impervous useless and open to be destroyed by devour(!). At least Magnus is the only one who can cause it at the moment which is why I think Micio is lying because, why take poison into a team who is immune to poison?


If you expect to never lose a battle then I get the complaining. I don’t go into a game expecting to never lose so that’s why I don’t cry about it. If the Def is killing u in GW then use it yourself


That’s the risk you take using the Key team. 1 damage dealer. If you see a Dragon’s Eye on the enemy’s team, then don’t use it if you actually care about wins and losses.

Divine team can still win without Infernus. Quite easily, actually.

And wait, now you’re complaining about curse enabling devour?..

I’m not sure if you’re playing the right game at this point…


Dont pick a battle that you will lose. She aint listening to anyone. :laughing:


DE is so OP i just beated it with only 2 troops on my first try


While i agree that the Dragon Eye is hardly OP, in all fairness had the Dragon Eye targeted the hero or Skadi from the beginning the game would’ve been a different outcome.
Also poor Queen Mab (3rd Slot) was targeted so many times she was a fetus by the end of the match :joy:


Lets just nerf every troop!!! I come to read constructive posts but this forum has become a nerf this ,nerf that ,I hate guild wars. Geez people stop complaining and enjoy the game or uninstall . Did it ever occur that your just not as good as you thought? .


That’s right man!
You tell those people who have just as much right to be here as you do. What they should complain about and what they shouldn’t!
And if they don’t like it… They can just leave your country…I mean… Leave the game.

Someone doesn’t need to love everything about the game to still enjoy most of it. So don’t get it twisted. I’d rather people complain and play than not play at all.

I absolutely hate nerfs… But in this case…a nerf caused more harm to the game than good. So the devs need to definitely fix the mess they made with DE. They made the game tremendously less fun… Not just in Delves… But weirdly enough… Facing DE in 4/5 GW matches each day is a pain in the DE. We had someone endure guild wars bracket 1 for 8 months… Then rage quit on day 1 this week. Probably can’t blame DE for this… But if he faced it then it surely didn’t help his decision.
And it’s a domino effect, one rage quit during GW BR 1 ruins the game for at least 29 others that week. But hey… At least the Delves aren’t as easy to beat. Congratulations devs… You made the game more challenging for all 10k of your current end gamers who do Delves. (High end estimate).


Whenever the AI casts it, surprise surprise, it always hit the Skeleton Key and never any of the other troops… over 15 battles where it got full mana turn 1. Hmm… don’t know about you but that doesn’t seem balanced if it goes for the same one over and over.

As for the divine team, Infernus is the main generator of mana and if he goes without the team mostly or fully ready already then things end up downhill.

As for cursed, no, I wasn’t complaining but I was using it as an example because, unless Highforge or say, Silenus was cursed, they cannot be devoured or poisoned and so on which harkens back to the guy saying his Scorpius killed Highforge and Gimlet.

Maybe it’s just me having abysmal bad luck against the eye with it always targeting my main source of mana generation or damage but with it happening all the time, I can’t help but think it is cheating especially after so many times.


Another special video for you @Lissandra
Yeah it took 4m52s. But still prove that team is far from OP


In news today, major luck break through on whoever knows how many attempts it took to get that video. Borealis first slot for a tank and a Dragon Soul who resurrected himself, that luck is just unnatural. No kidding you would win with that kind of luck but if you got bad dragons like Wyvern or Dragon Eggs then you’d have been screwed royally.

By the way, how was the level 500 Faction Hall of Guardians run since you clearly shown you won it with that kind of luck. Oh and, I don’t see how you’d have any fun with that, especially if you used an actual team comp instead of… that.


“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”


Fine then, changed the title to say all transform troops other than Dragon’s Eye needs buffed? Night hag? Guaranteed transform then negative effect afters. Spooky Imp? Transform first then deal scatter damage and so on and forth.

Simply put, give all transform troops a guaranteed transform AND set the enemy to level 1, with no mana, no traits, no kingdom stats and see how that goes then. After all, many people are saying it needs buffed so let’s do that and see how it goes. Lust would be a lot stronger along with Possessed King after all.


It was on first try

Sorry but i can’t choose who i will summon.

The video was an answer to that
Comment. I started with 4 baby dragon and still manage to win. Most of the time you only get 1 or 2 troop transformed then the game is over

So if you get your 4 troops transformed, you clearly not using the good team


I’m calling BS on the first try. Otherwise go do the level 500 Faction team for Hall of Guardians first time WITHOUT casualities. I would LOVE to see that first time. Face it, you had insane luck. If you got say, Sheggra and then missed with 24 skulls on board, you would be singing a different tune.

And your saying the old divine team is bad? Skeleton Key comp is bad? The only way I’ve seen to win is either hope the dragon spawns (Like the ones you got) are good such as Krystnex who can remove browns or use the same comp against it which kind of defeats the purpose like the old Divine Team.

Besides, just make other transform troops have a guaranteed transform, see how fun it is then, especially when it gets to delves with the Dragon’s Eye as a foe in one of the rooms.


At this point i would neavily question smthing else but post would be delepted rofl.

Defo on GREEN day my team was absolutely the one you named lmao.

Enemy team was Titan DE, Alchemist, scorpy and eruyali or w/e is called, not mine.

Anyway, leaving aside you that anyway cry and wanna nerf anything you lose with even once, someone got what’s maybe real prob of DE, the high number of crappy and useless dragons the baby can turn into, if maybe they change that baby dragons can only turn into legendary or better (and not those crap epic, siegebreaker maybe, that usually just end up to steal mana x nothing)dragons you will be able to fight back all the times.


Seriously? You compare delve 500 with that team? now if your question is. Does DE team is annoying? I would say yes like many other team but not OP and doesn’t deserve a 2nd nerf imo