Nerf Dragon's Eye already! (or alternatively, buff all other transform troops)


I think that’s a nice compromise. After a certain point, if the entire team is baby dragons, it becomes impossible to get them up within a turn to transform them but Dragon’s Eye can change them back… why?


This is how I would fix it:
I would allow the 100% transformation only to take place if you are under the Stun effect.
When you’re stunned, you’re vulnerable. That’s it. It even makes sense now, doesn’t it?


Again, that makes a lot of sense and while Titan will still be a problem, it wouldn’t be as bad as it currently is.


I’d just like to have the traits unlocked when my dragon’s eye baby dragon transforms into another dragon, like it used to. Why does the DE transformed baby dragon summon from a pool outside my collection, when a baby dragon that starts (or is summoned) into my team can transform into a traited troop from my collection?


There are about 10 game modes, yet when people lose occasionally to a troop in pvp, they cry nerf.
Think about these nerfs when u might wanna use those troops in the future, especially noobs.
When ur facing opponents with 500/500 life/armor, I think back to these nerfs and just shake my head.
Way to get ishbaala nerfed right before delves we’re released. And now dragon eye already got nerfed enough to be near useless in delves.

Losing pvp battles to rng once in awhile is not a reason to nerf things anymore(not that it ever was)
Please stop


Telling people to stop won’t help. However I agree with your points 100%.


You have a firm argument, but a chewy set of supporting facts.

Dragon’s Eye wasn’t created to beat Delves. It was created far before them, and when the devs saw it being used to beat Delves they nerfed it. Before Delves, nobody even gave Dragon’s Eye a look. Why?

Because they were too busy using Divine Ishbaala to fuel their team. It was “the best strategy” so it’s the only thing anyone did. She wasn’t nerfed in a vacuum. At the same time, Ubastet and all exploding troops got nerfed. Why? The only effective counter to Ubastet was “another Ubastet team”.

Now that we nerfed Ishbaala, people are branching out. It’s clear that the Skeleton Key team, some Yao Guai teams, and Dragon’s Eye teams are pretty successful. They each have decent counters.

The super frustrating part is when you lose in 1 turn. It’s not impossible. If it gets its mana from a generator/4 match, then casts, it can cascade into refilling itself and a free turn. If it gets lucky, 2 of your troops have been neutralized. That ends a lot of teams immediately.

All of those teams have some % of turns like that. One time I lost my Skeleton Key early and killed an entire team with skull damage from a really lucky Egg Thief. The right setup has a Yao Guai team winning on turn 1. Players are OK with it if that particular kind of win % is really low. I’ve only seen that Egg Thief win one time out of dozens of matches, and may never see another one. An opponent rarely gets a turn 1 YG win out of me, maybe once or twice a day.

The majoirty of nerfs have been because the devs look at the % of when that happens and decide it’s “too high”. Wisp teams could infinite loop too much. Kraken could do too much damage too easily. Nyx could refill itself too reliably. Trolls could refill themselves too reliably. Exploders facilitated that too much. On and on and on.

A very small portion of nerfs have been because a thing is too powerful to begin with. Fizzbang is the most ridiculous one so far. But we’ve already seen them change how transformation behaves because of Dragon’s Eye. It’s clear this weapon is under investigation because they don’t like how easily it clears Delves.

But now we’re raising another concern: it’s not hard to engineer a situation where it gets 2 casts on the same turn. I feel like that % is higher than a Goblins team can infinite loop, higher than a Nyxbringer team is likely to loop itself, and higher than any number of other Christmasland scenarios where you lose no matter what team you’re using.

The real argument is about what represents “too high”. I expect if I play 100 matches vs. any team, I ought to lose some of them. That’s the nature of board RNG. But if I found a team that wins 90% against every team I throw against it, it’s broken. That’s not “complaining you lose battles once in a while”.

DE isn’t that bad. I think it’s “good luck” rate is somewhere around 10%-20%. But I’d argue if those are the numbers, other teams that rely on variance like Goblins only have a range of 5%-10%, and I’d say that for any other team.

You can’t break one mode of the game because you want a troop that’s good at other modes. All of the modes have to be cohesive. If the game is in a state where the devs can’t make exciting troops without breaking a mode, then some or all of the modes need to be redone.

I don’t think it’s rational to cite newbies here. I can’t come up with support for the argument, “A noob should be able to finish a level 500 faction”. That’s end-game content that’s challenging people who have played for more than 4 years.


:heart: When people complain about people complaining.
You are my favorite people on the internet.


All I’m saying is if you nerf the Dragons Eye or change how transform works in a way that could make a weapon (or troop) worthless or so ineffective that its not used anymore PLEASE let us get a refund on the weapon’s ingots like you do with the troops resources .


i call a spade a spade. No lala land here.


This whole situation is weird because Dragon’s Eye was nerfed by the devs to reduce its power against the Delves and now it makes normal battles awful because it breaks the previous set of rules about transformation/summoning troops based on the player’s collections…

When nerfing something makes it overpowered because you didn’t thought too long about a thing that exists in our reality called consequences:skull:


The ol’ Nerf/Buff maneuver ! :rofl:


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Transformation changes your troop into half of the current level without any traits and base rarity but if the troop has a transform itself, it reverts back into the user’s troops and not a level 0 World Breaker or Dragonian Monk.

Yet people still defend this and other things in PvP. Divine Meta says hi here. Remember Ishbaala losing cleanse before delves? How Dragon’s Eye only got nerfed once delves were implemented (and how it started to show it’s true self)?

I feel like PvP is not balanced in general which is probably why PvP doesn’t give orbs because if they did… oh boy.


I don’t even see any relation to Divines Meta/Nerf and the Delves as the color restriction pretty much keeps Ishbaala from being an option to beat level 500.

The whole issue is centered on how the devs changed something and the consequences were:

  • A bad precedent with the loss of some trust the player’s had in the team. No matter how justified it is, trust is always lost.
  • A bad experience in an already poor gamemode which aggravates even more the situation of the classes and their respective weapons.

There is still a way to fix this and regain some trust: Simply change Dragon’s Eye spell into something else.

It could become something so much more interesting like: “Choose a color. Destroys all gems and summons a random dragon of that color.”

There are still too many unexplored designs…
And yet the Devs are very prone to repeat things like Nimue/Alderfather… :skull:


Agree with your opinion on PvP. But which is really annoying me is losing to DE in GW…


This! Absolutely this!


You are not supposed to win every battle. If the troops makes you mad then skip the battle. Myself I could care less if I lose a pvp match. Maybe the Def should have a 50% chance of going first. That would be interesting


A coin toss to decide whether you get an easy or a hard match against a tough opponent? I guess that would be about as popular as a 50% chance to play with the team you picked or a totally random one. There are better ways to make a game more difficult, players tend to prefer a higher skill to a higher luck factor.


This game is sunk if they ever let the player go second. I can turn-1 win so often with some of my teams I don’t think anyone would put up with it.


Giving DE a mana cost of 25 or so might also help to alleviate the issues. It’s way too cheap to cast now.