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I think theres some problems in game if many of my old guildmates got upset so deep that even gnome event didnt make em more or less peaceful.

Lycantropy turned to be a catastrophy indeed. Delves had became a source of endless dissapointment. New mechanics should be designed with more deep analytics. Maybe to have private testing. Because for the regular player its so easy to understand what such a lycantropy will do with delves.

Next, the bug with deadly scull damage, added to lycantropy - and here is nightmare for a player, trying to go through arena or delves. I think such a bugs should and could be handled with in shortest time.

Also, gnome event planning could be done more wisely. First day bug when gnomes-musician could appear in the time of gnome-a-paloosa, had created very, very uncomfortable situation. It was working day, many players were absent, and here they are, in friday evening or later. They see people that have gained hundreds and hundreds of treasure keys, and also they see, that they could collect musicians for only a few forge craftings. They think its unfair. Indeed.
Obviously, the bug had to be fixed as fast as it could be. But the point is that the bug shouldnt be allowed at all. Everyone understand that experienced players could finish a great number of fast battles in a 15 min, and, of course, many musicians would be picked in the process.

Besides, this event obviously was an extreme, overgenerous freebie. Its cool, no doubt, Iā€™d personaly got very much from eight paloosas. But whats for donaters? They had payed many sums here and there, for orbs, gems etc. And suddenly everyone got an opportunity to collect it all in crazy quantities. Some kind of unfair thing, donaters could think, I suppose. Im not donater at the present time, so all it is just a food for the mind.

Such a negligence could be avoided if there was a substantional involvement of active experienced players in pre-testing and debating about the new features, mechanics and events.


Its beyond negligence for anyone who invested in any way in the game. Oh their usual sorry is here ; 50 gems for our error; always so generous when they err.