[Fixed...unless overloaded]Unspecial Vault Weekend... 1/2 the normal chances of finding a gnome

Please fix the severe lag before CoB today. It’s been going on for at least 14 hours now. It’ll surely effect folks time necessary to find gnomes if left unresolved. Thank you in advance.


You don’t like having an extra 20 second wait after every battle?

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It’s not a bug, but changing it to a bug report in case that’s the only way to get on dev radar anymore. It’s definitely a support issue that a ticket wouldn’t remedy in time.

I really wish they would have an Announcement board, either here in the Forum or on their main page, updated regularly.

If they would at least communicate something like “current issue: xyz, we are working on it”, people would feel less ignored but on the other hand there are so many issues currently and since a long time and with such an announcement board they would have to write something like this “Issue: xyz , we are aware but don’t care” :wink:

Anyway I am really not looking forward to hunt gnomes under those circumstances, I barely played the last hours for the same reason.


@Kafka commented moments ago in global chat that @CliffyA fixed it.

But I agree @Caldyrvan … global chat gives info for only those lucky enough to be around that minute.
Here the information is available 24/7 for whoever wants it.


That’s really a joke, can’t expect ppl to be there in chat, considering there is more than one global chat makes it even worse but thank you for the update :slight_smile:


The lag is back. Not sure if it’s overloaded due to everyone jumping on to get the new mythic or what.

Seems to be good again.

looks like most of people burn through their keys reserves and got the mythic…
another wave, when US wakes up :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then there’s me, who burned through so many keys trying to hunt down Epic troops that I got a second Amorak. I should have known better.

Just for future reference there is an ! icon that pops up in the settings menu and world map which is colour coded to the amount of server/connection issues you’re experiencing.

At the time it was yellow for degraded performance.
We don’t make announcements about every time there’s lag or connection issues as it’s the nature of the internet and this was considered minor and we notify everyone in game with the server status icon. It’s fixed if the icon is green in settings or not there on the world map.

I was responding in the game chat directly to questions about it - I didn’t go there specifically to talk about lag - it’s what came up in conversation.

Which doesn’t help when the issues are happening when using keys or between matches.
Can’t see anything but the spinny gem loader icon.

If the server status could appear when loading matches then it would be way more helpful.
Then a player could know if the internet issue is their’s or everyone on the server.

Or allow players to access settings even when matches are being loaded.

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