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Server Issues - Resolved

Hi Guys,

Just letting you know were are aware of the current server issues currently going on.

We’re currently looking into the issue, and will let you know once we have more information.

Update 11:06PM AEDT - Investigation is ongoing but we believe there is a bottleneck involving the Mongo Database. At the moment we are unsure if it’s related to 3.3, though the timing of it is suspicious. We’re currently reviewing logs to learn more about the problem.

Update 11:42PM AEDT - Possible cause is a new security measure that is in place, which had some missing indices on the database, and caused a log-jam as we began approaching the busiest period of the day.

Update 11:53PM AEDT - We’ve made some fixes and you should be able to get back into the game.


Great thanks. One of my buddies was on his paragon fight. way to go :slight_smile: Thank the lord Gw will not be every week. Sick of missing points over BS

Thanks for the update

Not a server error now! Like Oliver Twist looking trough a candy shop window :open_mouth:

What else is new though? It’s 2018 come on now

Thanks Nim. Hopefully its an easy fix so you guys dont get yelled at by the impatient masses

No flag for you!
To soon…?
You heard it here first

I haven’t wanted to play this game for weeks and the first day I do it breaks :smiley:

Great job in making any sense :slight_smile:

You’re not Strawnyy - AFL football legend?
Well then, my mistake sir
It would make sense if you were (and to those who know :slight_smile: )

Why would I be here playing GOW. If so… Hahaha, good thinking.

LOL that’s funny

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Hope the servers are fixed soon, I needs to keelhaul some gnomes

I sure hope you’re going to let us play sometime today. I would like to actually do my Dungeons…

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I hope you don’t actually expect to ever see gnomes outside of Vault weeks, unless they actually readjusted the spawn rates.

By vault weeks, i assume you mean weekends, as it wont be active the full week

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I expect to see them every battle :slight_smile:

Vault week? Cant you get vault keys or gnomes anytime if the week? And ikr the spawn rate of those little ughhh. :Edit: i do think there is a cap now tho on the amount of gnomes we find in battles each day.

i’m sad that due to life stuff getting in the way now is the first time i get to play (today) and servers are messed up -_- such is life I guess

*Reads through all patch notes, goes to open the game.*
Sad face.