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Need skip button individual GW battles

I want to do GW but I am going to be skipping every team that has an Ubastet but if the soldier has an Ubastet and I skip the day I miss out on 4 potentially Ubastet free battles.

On red and yellow days you are going to face a lot of Ubastet teams. On yellow day this week all 5 of my opponents were Ubastet. If I understand your comment correctly, you still want to be able to play GW but basically keep skipping through opponents until you find a defence team that you want to play? If so I really can’t see that happening. If you struggle against an Ubastet defence maybe use an attacking team that doesn’t use all the days colours but is more effective? Better to win with a 3 colour team than lose with a 4 colour team.

If you play the soldier team with Ubastet and lose I’m pretty sure your next match is against a different soldier which might not be Ubastet. Better to lose and get some points that not play at all. Is this a protest against Ubastet teams in general, just don’t like playing them, or looking for team ideas as struggle to beat Ubastet teams?

No what I want to be able to do is skip a battle if the team has Ubastet and if I do I will have to fight a different soldier and I will lose 1 of my 5 battles for the day.

I don’t struggle with Ubastet I am just sick of fighting him most of my GW teams I know will beat divines and have in the past.

I would just fight the Ubastet battle then mate, at least get some points if you lose and move onto the next soldier. I know how you feel, as you can see on these forums the current overused Ubastet/Divine defence meta has been discussed a lot.

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I used to just take my 3 trophy battle which as you know is 80% Ubastet and after doing that for the last few weeks I just can’t fight that team anymore.

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I don’t think this is a good idea, and if it’s free it breaks GW.

It is a competition where you fight for points. It doesn’t give you more points for fighting a harder team, it simply judges you by some arbitrary play criteria. The only real thing that matters is winning > losing.

So maybe you don’t care about the score, you just want to play some PvP games for the reward. In that context, this is harmless. Skipping an Ubastet to play another match is just like asking for a different casual PvP match. To you, charging 100 gold or something trivial would probably be OK.

Now imagine someone like me, who likes the competition aspect. My guild can win or lose the entire day by a few thousand points. So if I think there’s a no-Ubastet team, I’m going to pay up to hundreds of gems to refresh my match and play vs. the no-Ubastet team. This raises a question (NO IT DOES NOT BEG THE QUESTION, THAT IS A DIFFERENT THING): if I’m going to pay a ton of resources to skip Ubastet, what’s the point of people setting Ubastet teams then?

So letting people refresh GW matches makes the first few rounds of defense irrelevant.

Basically, you already have a solution:

  1. Start the match.
  2. Pick “retreat”.
  3. Get almost no points.

But if you’re at a level where the entire set of defenses is Ubastet, you’re going to have to fight Ubastet or lose everything. That’s… not very valuable to your guild.

That’s not what they asked for. They agreed to take a loss. That cannot be abused.

Do you have Ubastetophobia? Then you are not a true warrior. Just slay her and move further. I don’t think there will be such an option ever.