Should I fight a guild war against a vastly superior opponent?


I’m a fairly new player, about level 130. I’ve seen that in guild wars, I fight the same team until I defeat it. Today, I’m up against a level 740 team, with high-level troops (including a mythic), over 50 life points per troop, and abilities that kill my troops with one or two hits. There is no way I can defeat this team. Is it better for my guild if I fight and accept five straight defeats or if after one or two fights I don’t fight any more for the day?

I thought I saw a Skip button on the Guild War Battle page, but I don’t see it any more.

I’m playing on mobile.

Thank you.


I believe you get a few hundred GW points just for trying. So play the battles.

+bonus for unique defense

Skipping is 0 points, trying has a chance to get points

You never lose points for fighting a Guild Wars battle (nor do your opponents earn any if you lose). Fighting and losing gives some points, not fighting or skipping gives zero.

At the very least, set up all six of your unique defense teams and just fight the first battle for the +2000 extra bonus.

In short: yes, as frustrating as it is.

Your guild gets nothing if you don’t participate at all. But even if you lose, your guild gets some points. It gets more points if you’re using the “right” color for that day.

There was a guide thread I apparently didn’t bookmark recently, but it summed things up like this:

  • If you think you can win with the “right” colored team, do that. It’s worth the most points.
  • If you think you can’t win that way, but can win with a “good” team, that’s still a lot of points.
  • If you don’t think you can win, play with an all-“right” colored team and you’ll still earn points for your guild for every loss.

Guild Wars is not decided by win/loss ratios, it’s decided by points. So it’s possible for a guild to lose every match and still “win” the war if they “lose” the right way. Rare, but possible.


Prioritise getting yourself a looping team set up, like Hellcat Alchemist GobRocket GobRocket (which doesn’t need especially rare troops or their traits much) and you may have a chance of toppling even way higher level defences. They can’t one shot you if they never get a turn. And you’ll get good points on red and yellow day.

Obviously some defences will be set to deter this, but you might still put it off.

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