Need help with Khaziel troops!

So I newly started playing on the android. I have always been fan of the Khaziel troops and the banner that gives two extra brown gems. However I try to figure out a combination that works, and so far its just going ok. So was hoping to get a little input of ideas and tactics, to make a solid team.

All around level 8-9. From Khaziel my favourite and main creature is Rockworm. I also use a Deep borer and Dwarf Lord. (plus hero L23). Using the 3 uniques from Khaziel gives me just one bonus tho, even if I use the banner, so I was curious if I have missed some bonuses I can be able to get. Wondering to cut out Dwarf lord and run a 2nd rockworm, but then I lose some bonus. And not sure if it is worth it. Or is there any better troops from Khaziel I could run, or from another town. question mark doesnt work lol.

Thanks for any help!

I like the Bombardier, since it has a very fast recharge rate and allows some board control.

It seems like there are multiple decent Khaziel teams. So experiment and find what you enjoy.

I like the bonuses, and I use Keghammer from Stormheim with the dwarves. I’m pretty sure he is the story line epic, so you’d be able to earn him. So my one team I like is:
Dwarvven Miner
Dwarf Lord

Others seem to like, but it loses the bonuses:
Deep Borer
3x rockworm

I have
Dwarf Lord
Miner (with trait for bonus brown mana)

But without the Miner’s mana trait, it wouldn’t work.

Thanks for the replies so far! Any other thoughts are welcome! Also wondering which bonuses one can have, see there is place for 3 differently bonuses when I open the page.

You can get bonuses for having troops of the same kingdom, of the same mana colour and of the same troop type.

May I please borrow someone’s Bombardier?

75% of kingdoms completed with this team.

Hero with Wicked Scythe
Lady Sapphira

Collected red to charge Sparkgrinder as quick as possible to boost hero or Lady if hero dies quick. The team gives all six colours and some true damage.

Rock worm
Rock worm
With all traits acolyte gives bonus brown mana and creates 9 brown gems and covers blue and purple mana. Valkyrie creates blue mana and gives a bonus to blue mana. She also gives bonus souls even though she does not raise the cap.
Rock worms traits prevent hunters mark and they get bonus stats from the other one making them stop from taking double damage. This build uses the mono brown banner and when you match 3 brown it gives you 6 mana 3 from the match, two from the banner and one from the acolyte and with two rock worms you can end up spamming their effects for some time. It is possible to end the match with 110 gold and 40 souls but not likely though as you have to use valks effect alot.

Thanks for the replies men and gentle womans! I just got a Bombadier, or what his name is. How can he improve my team(question mark), would he be better to run than Dwarf Lord(question mark)

Different, not better. What the Bombadier brings is some board control.

It comes down to playstyle. I like to use the bombadier to eliminate skulls, or gather mana. With the simple 3x3 pattern, you can predict drops and get some extra matches.

Any other thoughts?

I think only Zaejin can stay 100% within their kingdom and still have a great roster.
In theory Khaziel gives you two options:
with Rockworm and Gorgotha the odd ones out.
Traits try to fit them together (cannon deals burn, bombardier deals extra to burned), but the units are so in each other’s way and the traits hardly compatible, that trying to build on them is rather pointless.

If you have the cannon already using red and brown, the bombardier will be in its way, and it may be better to use dwarf lord. But, outside Arena the Dwarf Lord is pretty useless. The little armor buff on kill is hardly enough and too situational. As there is no chance of him giving an extra turn, the little extra damage he does compared to the bombardier is not worth choosing him over the exploder.
Bombardier does have at least a chance of giving an extra turn and even powering another troop or himself back up through the explosion. So I’d go with him any day of the week if simply choosing between the two.

Thanks for your input, melkathi.

Currently running one Deep Borer and two rock worms, unsure about using my hero or another one.

An update:

Currently running:

Deep Borer

Its going good so far, emperina does really often get pumped up by the worms.

On the downside, there is not much bonus in it. But thanks for your input, surely a nice gold farming deck!