Team help don't have a lot of legendary's or Epics

Hero level 56 using Warriors Axe
Sabertooth lion level 15
Rock worm level 15
Herdmaster level 15

Using purple/yellow banner for bonus (can’t think of name of kingdom)
Have +1 health and +1 armor from kingdom level bonus

Much better teams for sure. Any suggestions on changes. Another team altogether.

Don’t have a list of troops. Missing most legendary’s and epics. Have most of the ultra rares. Is there a good interactive checklist?

Playing on Xbox One

4 Rock Worms with +2 brown :smile:

I’d get rid of the Rock worm, personally, or else the Herdmaster. Because of how they operate they don’t really work well together; the Rock Worm needs clusters of brown gems to really be useful, but the Herdmaster tends to break up clusters.

Beyond that, you have a good mana color balance, but not much synergy. I’d suggest chucking the Rock Worm for something that requires a good bit of mana and uses brown and something else (if yellow or purple, put it in the last position) because the Herdmaster will help power everyone quickly. Even without Epics and Legendaries, you should be able to find a good beefy troop that meets that criteria. Not sure if consoles have Grosh-Nak yet, but if so, DO NOT use the Drake Rider.

Some sort of Alchemist + Banshee combo also does well at low levels.

If you can put a list of troops we can help alot more then. But yeah alchemist / banshee / Valkyrie combo is great for maps/ gold and pissing off peeps.

4 rock worms isn’t terrible if you’re starting out or 3 rock worm with a deep borer or acolyte are pretty good. Suggest putting the acolyte/borer 3rd and running worms for the rest.