Your best common/rare teams?

Hey, most line ups center on one or more legendaries and since you can normally win with much less powerful cards (I normally don’t lose with Berserker, Valkyrie, Rowanne, Drake Rider) I’m wondering if legendaries are really needed.

Expanding that line of thinking… what’s your best line ups you can come up with just using Common and Rare cards?

Mine is…
Acolyte, 2x rock worm, deep borer. Generally, flood the board with brown and hope to get infinite turns/damage. What can others come up with? A good common/rare team would be great for new players with limited card access.

I have been using all rares for my latest soul farming team:

Boar Rider
Griffon Knight
Griffon Knight

Boar rider is easily exchangeable for a beefier green/purple troop, but works well due to his control on skull matches.

Commons are a bit harder to match since they have only one mana source, two is the most you can add to a team. My favorite common duo is Serpent and Scale Guard. The team I was using them in was:

Boar Rider
Wolf Knight
Scale Guard

Serpent’s poison also boosts Wolf Knight’s true damage.

Yeah the biggest issue I had starting out is that it’s difficult to see how things work with the troops you have when they’re all level 1-5. Some troops really shine when higher level compared to their lower levels.

In terms a recommending a good starter team to level to 15, I’d recommend this.

Hero (Blue/or Yellow/or Red)
Rock Worm
Goblin Shaman

It’s a simple team I’d suggest any newbie try for their first set of Level 15’s.
Total souls required to upgrade this team to completion is 7,035.

This team can also help newer players learn timing, an important skill to know if they plan to continue playing.