Need a potion game?

Don’t you think potions kill interest in the game? No tactics, no thinking. You buy everything in the shop until the fifth tier and play despite the table. Too easy.

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Imo that’s how devs intended them and in fact is how they’re working, now cuz potions i see ppls get more tiers of what’s actually is needed everytime on anything., even if not competing for leaderboards.

Isnt that you’re forced to buy them and if you do for all events you’re gonna find yourself short of gems really fast (pretty sure that’s part of the “intended” tho)-

But hey there’s also good sides, we finished invasion yesterday, that mean 3 days i dont have to bother with it :3

Ps: but to reply at your question, nope they dont kill anything, to make high scalig stuff really easy you gotta spent crapload of gems, unbearable amount unless you’re a swimming mammal.

No developing time spent on making the events really engaging and interesting or the event troops usable outside the events. Just slap some artificial mindless and easy potions so people can reach the rewards faster and easier. Players will be happy. For a while…

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Honestly the potions aren’t broken by the fifth tier. I was usually buying 4th or 5th anyway and while they’re nice, for a lot of events it stops mattering as you get closer to the top.

The broken one is the 7th tier because as long as you are willing to spend it is infinite stats. LB players were already buying sigils. The thing that changed here is some of the lower ranks were probably losing matches, and now they might not lose so many. So the upper ranks will be more competitive and it will cost more Tier VII to stay on top.

A lot of this is a complete mystery though because there’s not a lot of discussion about how much gems/dollars the frequent LB players spend. For all I know at the “normal” spending rate the stats are still irrelevant. And maybe, just maybe, gems players don’t actually spend money in the hundreds of dollars on events.

But some day out there someone’s going to leaderboard with a brand-new alt account as a stunt, and it’s going to hurt a lot of feelings. If you buy enough Tier VII, your team won’t matter.

I personally love the potions it brought people back to playing events and delves

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I agree, potions have been a great addition to the game. As someone who only buys 1-3 tiers I’m finding it less time consuming to get through events for max rewards. It’s not game braking unless you buy the last tier 100 times as Sly mentioned. But if you do that, good for you, you’ve spent a ridiculous amount of gems(and probably real money) to do it, so to each his own.

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It was one of the few things ever that was perfectly implemented, including the order that you buy them
They have made events a lot faster, which is good for the majority of us that work full time jobs

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Potions level the playground for lower level/newer players, so they’re a welcome addition.

Estabilished players were getting at least close to the endlevels even before potions, so it won’t make a huge difference.

Also on the leaderboard race, most, if not all, of the players in top 50 can farm last level of the current event with their teams, with or without the potions. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in top 50 in the first place. For leaderboard races buff are less important, the main difference between ranks is the ammount of sigils.

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The two biggest game changers here are the first two potions, and the last two.

Both my “low stats” account and “lowest level” accounts reached stage 8 without a great deal of effort using only a t3 purchase. I was able to use teams and setups that wouldn’t have been viable otherwise. I still had to use my brain because I was using subpar troops and very subpar stat bonuses, but the combination of enchant and turn 0 explodestorm allowed me to set up chains starting from troops that would ordinarily be completely mana blocked or require too specific conditions and easily made the battles long enough to be miserable. I didn’t have to use Mang, and my use of a siegebreaker was incidental. A much more pleasant experience.

My main account steamrolled everything to stage 8 with a t3 purchase and pretty much no effort, but under normal circumstances I might not have even bothered playing the event at all because of the very limited scope of mana generators from this troop type would have made even early rounds a slog. This time, I did a lot of the early stages with daily task teams. Today, I have red troops/blue troops/same kingdom tasks… and I’m planning on using some sigils with daily task teams again. Since t1 and t2 are where the mana generation potions are and these are auto-buy every week anyway to get the weapon, the net result is that I’m engaging with the event way more than I would otherwise, and I don’t have a problem with this being a sort of mini-solution to certain troop types and kingdoms lacking a lot of viable early match mana generators. Invasion events were already comparatively easy, so I don’t mind them being slightly easier, particularly if the way they are making them easier is to give me more options by way of some starting mana, which is welcome.

Given just these two first potions, there are also many more viable combinations for any given event thus that you might actually switch your team up. The mode sorely needed this, and I imagine I’ll feel the same way about Raid. Doom might not have needed this with all troops available at endgame, but I have a feeling I’ll welcome the additional options it allows, moreso on the other accounts.

I’m more curious to see how Blessing and Barrier (particularly barrier) affect purchases Tower of Doom. For a mere 850 gems above what you need to spend to get the weapon, you can have some Spirit Fox Insurance. If this is the intended solution to that particular problem for the majority of the playerbase, I do have somewhat of an issue with it. If I buy this high, it would be for scrolls and just get these potions incidentally. Depends on whether or not the next doomed weapon has a “bad” upgrade or not.

The infinite stat stacking on the last potion is a bit problematic, but it is cost prohibitive. Faster battles = more siglis spent = the potential to spend more gems in a given time period, and certain events are very time sensitive, but they may still be cost prohibitive at the very top. Ironically, the potentially increased costs associated makes me less likely than ever to engage with the leaderboard than ever, so I guess it doesn’t personally affect me unless buying stats is the only way to get past a wall, which won’t happen without significant nerfs to the current tools available and core gameplay to the degree of basically making it a completely different game.

See, the thing is, nobody was really clamoring for something like this to be added, or even for events to really be easier or more engaging - at least not recently. The first two teirs, which are pretty much autobuy for everyone, significantly decrease the amount of time required to interact with this game mode and get basic completion. This fixes what was probably my biggest complaint about the modes when they released over a year ago, but the timing at which these were added leads me to believe that potions are the first part of a bigger plan that will eventually bring back everyone back into zero sum on how much time they need to interact with the game pre-potions and how much premium currency is flowing outward. This could be anything from new content which will absorb more time and gems, thus making events like this shorter to curb burnout; making the events themselves harder in a different way if you don’t buy potions, like adding more things like the spirit fox doom room, thus necessitating a certain sink level; or just out and out nerfs scapegoating this new feature, which I’m sure some of us remember they have done more than once already. Crossing my fingers for new content rather than the other ones.

Anyways, my short term experience is that potions have significantly enhanced my overall experience with these modes without any significant immediate downside. I’m going to enjoy them while I can and try to stop worrying and waiting for that other shoe to drop.

I am looking forward to this so much. A level 1 account that just hangs out in a top guild for a few weeks building a troop collection, then steamrolls content by buying 40-50 Potions of Power. If someone is willing to spend that much time/money on a stunt, more power to them! I can’t compete against it, so I might as well doff my hat and congratulate them on a successful project.


Yeah to me it’s kind of funny and you do it for the fame. I still think a lot of people won’t think it’s very funny and, personally, I liked it better when the game avoided such direct dollars-to-power transactions.

I don’t mind the idea of potions. It certainly brought more people to competing for the LB. In my case, I am still buying tiers for Ascensions and sigils to finish the event as I was doing before. It makes it easier for me to close the event, of course. But I am not forced to buy any tiers, but for the sigils, which used to be the case before too.

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So main drawback of potion at the end is that also babywhales/alts of whales can buy Zully right away?

And that’s supposed to be a problem? a BIG difference from before? where, on ps4 at least, i seen whales buy Zully right away (by dropping godzillions of gems in every event winning them all and getting Zully in less than 2 weeks).

Sorry, but at least for me that isnt really a problem and defo wont change anything from before where anyway was always whales getting the power orb in every event, if then some old player ego is hurted if an alt/newplayer get Zuuly before them, well, am sorry for those.

My impressions so far:

Delves - went tier VII (4x eventually).
I can’t really object to power potions that, in this particular case, are just a hoard level, so either you pay gold/treasure for permanent hoard or pay gems for a temporary one. Then there’s also a matter of how much hoard you actually need to get +7 of a particular stat…quite interesting.
But lower tier potions are what doesn’t sit quite right with me. Somehow I just don’t feel comfortable all that stuff.

Invasions - went tier VI. I feel that potions trivialized the whole thing (for me personally), exacerbated by the fact that we could use Sir Mordaye with his enrage instead of the new invasion troop. I suppose we have to wait and see how it goes during forthcoming invasions to get a clearer picture.

Bounty - went tier V. Potions made things faster a bit but nothing too over the top with what I bought.

Its a good feature to the game, but dont forget to get high stats you need to use a Lot of gems.