Potions for guild wars

Maybe to increase interest, add potions for defense in the GW? At least some.

FWIW, I think adding potions in guild wars in any way would be a terrible idea.



No offence, but absolutely nothing would put me off more than facing people who have potions doing all kinds of madness to the board. It’s already a lottery as the starting board can decide the outcome, why make it more so?


Potions that you would have to buy with Gems - Sentinel levels?
Worst idea ever!

Really… next time they will want a free Win battle option for Gems.


Maybe you want to, but I think potions are a bad idea.

But if they are, then why don’t they complicate the game in the GW and make it more interesting?

Using potions to protect will make games against weak opponents more difficult, and therefore more interesting.
Or do you prefer an easy walk instead of a good fight?

Guild Wars in high brackets is challenging as it is with the Empowered troops.

Rather i would suggest to remove the potions all together.
They reduced every challenging aspect of the game and does nothing but encourage gem spend while coddling players.


Guild Wars in high brackets is challenging if you play using the color of the day. But such a game is the norm for high brackets. Now imagine how the game will change if the defense has potions. Playing using the color of the day will be an epic feat :slight_smile:
And do not forget that not only guilds from high brackets take part in guild war. Potions can help many weak guilds.

Isn’t this the whole point of guild wars?

That is ironic as weaker guilds will also face other guilds with potions.
Rather helping it’s more likely to cause grief on their offense.


If they create a Potion that eliminates bugs from guild wars then I’m down. Otherwise, I’m not even a fan of Sentinels let alone potions in guild wars.


Potions were an ill-advised band-aid instead of making the game actually interesting or challenging. Putting them in more places makes no sense. It is my hope that a dev will see this, and if they do I want them to know…



I have. No thanks. In the upper brackets there doesn’t need to be anything else to make GW even more brutal than it currently is.

In lower brackets where tons of people don’t play, don’t set decent defenses, don’t buy sentinels & their guilds disband leaving their opponents in the lurch, I can’t imagine many guilds purchasing potions for the tiny little rewards they get for winning.


The only potion we need for GW is a $99 potion that prevents the opponent’s guild from registering for 6 GWs if they have fewer than 10 members.


I can’t believe this is a serious suggestion. It is so wrong on every level. Wars is the final bastion of real competition that the dollar can’t influence. Changing that will ruin wars and cause the biggest exodus ever. Potions have ruined other events to the sound of kerching cash registers which remove skill from the equation. It’s now a cash/gem grind frenzy and it is so boring.

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Potions in GW is a horrible idea. Bad for the attacker. Bad for the defender. And yet another way to make people spend gems. Absolutely terrible.

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I like potions for events, but not for GWs… nope… that would be the nail in the coffin if that happened…


I lost a GW match because a 1st turn skull match while entangled, their troop, resulted in an insta kill on my 1st troop.

Adding potions in, no matter what they do, would cause more shenanigans than that and would drive basically every end game player away from GW.

All the no to this suggestion, and shunning is a valid response IMO for thinking it was decent


Sounds like we are voting. :wink: I vote no on options in GW. It is hard enough using the color of the day already and it is a show on how well we work as a guild. Please leave this one alone.

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I am sure that the developers won’t consider this suggestion. Well, 99,9999% sure.

Potions lol. You have got to be kidding me. Guild Wars should be an even fight so not s fan of sentinels but will live with that. I like the fact you can’t see your enemy as long as it’s a random schedule. If it’s a set schedule then it’s s big fail because nuckleheads have already figured it out to get s leg up on the ones that haven’t.