Guild War Additional Features

There are two suggestions that I believe will add variety in GW end game

Extend colour day to include kingdom/card type on bonuses.

Day 1 - red gets bonus
Day 2 - whitehelm
Day 3 - Damon

And so on. These do not need to be linked to events and what they do is create an incentive for more variety in deck builds


The games needs a method of breaking the meta in GWs in end game defenses. My suggestion would be that the 5 most popular cards in bracket 1 and 2 will recieve a 50 percent decrease in stats the next week. The next 5 most popular cards will revieve a 25 percent stat hit. This will force the meta to change on a weekly basis and bring more variety to the 30 battles the high end guilds can not avoid.



I think that the best way to address the meta defense builds is to change it so that a troop can only be used one time per week in a GW defense Team. So if you have Famine you get to choose one day to use him but the other 5 you have to build other teams without him.

I do like your ideas on changing up the Offense to some extent but I would hate to be limited to a single Kingdom’s troops for an entire day of GW fighting (5 battles). I would not mind if it was like this though:

For offense on day 1 you get full bonus points if:

  1. Troop uses a specific color
  2. Troop is from a specific kingdom
  3. Troop is of a specific type

Or a mix of 1 and 2 or 3.

For instance:
Red day, you also can use any color troop from Maugrim Woods.
Red day, you can also use any Giant troop
or all three:
Red day, you can also use any troop from Dragon’s Claw and any Goblin troop

Dunno… Seams like there are tons of good ideas on the forums, if only the Devs would listen.

Death Mark and Devour don’t care if they have 50 life/armor or 5, they’ll kill you just the same.


But making the cards with it easier to kill is a decent counter.

How about the 20 most popular cards can’t be used at all the two weeks in Guild Wars. That would certainly force a changing rotation.

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Whether it is 10 or 20 cards impacted is just a balancing question. What is important is that any solution needs to cater for low levels. If you exclude cards this may have a disproprtional impact on low level players. Stat modification at least allows them to continue to use the card if it is one of the few good cards the player has. I am also hopefully that this suggestion is relatively easy to code.

It is also is intutive as the user base is already trained to recongise green arrows. Recongising red arrows impact shoukd therefore be easy

For this reason, I like my solution better. It still allows people to field these teams, just not EVERY player to field these teams.

nobody would worry about a card bonus for defense per day unless they did not have the cards/traits that all the meta-teams use. i guarentee i would see kerb/spider/forest guard/kerb or psion/famine x3 or any of the semi-random crimson bat/something/something/death

I am not talking about defense bonuses.

My idea is on offense switch colour with kingdom / card type. I.e. make offense harder / more varied of you want top scores in GW

Then on defense penalise the meta cards. I.e. psion, famine, kerb.

There are better solutions out there but these ideas are hopefully something that can be coded easier than some.

I guess what I am saying is that ; I loved when guild wars came out having to construct mono color decks but now the cards you use are pretty settled. I would like them shaken up.

As for defense for the last two years everyone has been complaining about always seeing the same team.

The devs to their credit shook things up with the weekly bonuses (ie buffs) but it is apparent some sort of specific nerf to overpowered cards might be needed to force variety

ok then i still wouldnt swap my fight team just to get a little bonus, maw/alchemist/infernal king/mercy is all i need to kill any team. i still say this would only benefit newer players which would not be a bad thing honestly.

as far as penalizing meta cards, what would you suggest?
lower stats? they still got devour(kerb), start half mana(forest guardian), drain all mana(famine)
change skills? they would never change skills on these cards for defense teams only
change traits? still would never change traits for defense teams only

so what penalty exactly do you think they should have

I like your ideas Stripy.
I enjoy playing in the weekly events because I end up using troops and combinations I wouldn’t otherwise play. What’s the point of having 300+ troops if your just using the same 10-20. I think adding troop type or kingdom bonuses rather than just color type would make the offence side more interesting.
In much the same way that the weekly event offers skill bonuses to particular troops, would love to see over used defence troops take a skill reduction. By keeping these reductions in the higher brackets you’re not hand cuffing low level players.