Need a Brown / Earth Mana Generator

Hi again fellow players. As the title explains I need a good brown mana generator for my team and would like to hear other people’s opinions.

Catch is that it cannot be the rock worm.

Acolyte? Terraxis?

Celestasia, Deep Borer, Acolyte, and Terraxis could all work.

Currently using Deep Borer for the fact it isn’t earth itself.

Rock Worm is the only brown spawner in the game that uses brown mana. It is why so many people complain that he is OP. The only other thing that even does that for brown mana is the hero weapon Prismatic Orb.

If you are facing an enemy Rock Worm team, then Siren would work.

Too bad I don’t have Celestasia. Would have worked really well. Don’t think Terraxis is available in the console version.

Good idea with the Siren but would be too heavily dependant on needing to face a earth enemy. However it is Kerberos I am boosting, so purple mana is also optional.

Acolyte is really useful, I used the crap out of him on my good least deck pre-gloom nerf.

Thank you everyone for responding. Since there seems to be many knowledgeable posters replying to my thread, I will ask you another few questions haha.

Still regarding the same deck. Since Kerberos is the main focus of the deck how would you boost him? Currently using Deep Borer with the Khaziel Banner (note console uses version 1.07 so currently no team bonuses or trait stones).

Giant spider and Wight both generate purple mana, but if you have Sunweaver I would use her.

Sunweaver’s unfortunately not available to consoles yet.

@Odin: If you have Shadow Dragon, I’d recommend him. He’s pretty good at overpowering himself with purple, so there’d be plenty to go to the tri-dog.

It is like fate! Celestasia is available from the shop to buy with Glory!

What? Where?

On the PS4 shop the card is available via the glory section of the in-game shop.

XB1 as well. Picked one up last night.