Rock Worms keep crushing my teams

Doesn’t matter what I’m running. Four of those in a single lineup is just annoying.

Any strategies to face against these besides denying brown?

I do remember them being annoying, but as the game progresses you’ll find them easier…

It’s a pretty weak card, and doesn’t spam enough brown gems to guarantee recharge itself - depends a lot on luck!

Denying them brown mana is the simplest approach - watch what cascades you do / what you set up next. Do your matches nearer the top of the board to reduce the amount you’re jumbling things up.

Rock Worms hit the last target (repeatedly) so make sure it’s something tough - consider bringing Emperina or something else that can buff or heal (Emperina is good as she’ll use the brown mana you’re nicking - and is a decent Epic you can get for free from the Khaziel quest line).

Be cautious using exploders or gem-spammers as you can’t control what the board looks like for the opponent’s turn. Try gem-changers like Valkyrie or Alchemist and target their browns (or something else that gets you a 4-match).

Hopefully some of that helps!

Three x Gnoll and an orb work well against 4 rockworms. Unfortunately the Gnoll attack is random so I dont find it at all useful in any other situation - unless all of the opposing team is fielding brown.

IME 4 worms is considerably easier to deal with than 3 worms + some support like deep borer. You just collect up all brown and obviously avoid generating it. And don’t put your most important troop in the last position.

If someone is having trouble vs 4 rock wyrms do you think they have an orb?

@Jainus excellent advice especially on the colour changers and a healer.

@Kairyu I’m assuming you have limited troops that are actually leveled up. I have played for 2 months now and have no issues with this team on hard unless i have bad luck. Care to list your level 10+ troops?

IVMARK - Wow - playing for 2 whole months you are obviously qualified to critique comments from other players on this forum. Can’t wait to see your next words of wisdom.

Snarky little guy

He doesn’t have an orb. I’m not trying to be short but you need to consider the context here.

A player that keeps getting “crushed” by 4 rock wyrms is not experienced. I’ve played a mere 2 months lightly and have no issues. Therefore this has played likely less than a month. He doesn’t have an orb. Or a team of legendaries. Or is sitting on thousands of souls to level up gnolls which are useless against most teams. They’d literally only be used against a team like this. If you think your advice is sound to him/her I’d love to hear your reasoning.

Let me know what you have to work with so you don’t level up an almost useless troop… valkyrie and alchemist are both highly useful, Emperina less so, Gnoll is pretty terrible.

My goodness, @Kairyu never said he was having trouble, just that they were annoying. The two are not always commensurate. How about we ask what he has or doesn’t have instead of making assumptions all around?

My advice, by the way, would be a combination of things. Try to have some color deprivation either by way of transforming or removing, a good broad damage output so you can defeat them quickly, buffing helps a lot to keep your last troop tanking, and perhaps something like Silent One or another silencing troop to shut those buggers up. A good anti-rock worm team may not necessarily have all these elements, it will depend on what troops you have available, but I would strongly suggest at least the first two of this list.

The title is ‘rock worms keep crushing my teams’…
‘Doesn’t matter what I’m running.’

I’m assuming that means he’s getting crushed by rock worms.

My mistake to jump to conclusions that he is having difficulty. I shall wait for clarification.

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Patience, dear Guildmate, patience…

TO ALL - let’s calm it down a bit, perhaps? I think the OP was hoping for more suggestions, not to see other players bickering…

@esslee’s suggested Gnoll team is really cool - but perhaps may not be available yet for the OP. Esslee was only sharing what works for them.

@IVIMarkIVI makes a valid point that having the OP tell us what troops he has could help with suggesting combos sooner.

@Kairyu how about it?

Gem creators that don’t create brown can be useful there. You have a lot of rare creators so they are not hard to come by, so you probably already have a couple of them. Decide which of them is the best for you, and create a team that uses that colour your chosen gem creator makes. It will not only lower the number of brown gems on the board, it will also power up your team. But the general idea is to nullify brown gems on the map - no brown gems=no spells for rock worms.

Apologies everyone for being terse.

OP has it right. Deny brown via valkyrie, alchemist or another colour changer. Board control teams in general can be quite strong so you won’t be wasting souls if you level them up.

Gem creation is more random and much less likely to get rid of brown (assuming 9 or 7 gem creators; jarl and other lengendaries create 20 gems). That being said it still helps and there are many useful gem generators.

Another option is to run a powerful brown team yourself such as 4 rockwyrms… use what they create.

Hi guys. Thanks for the responses. Really appreciate all feedback here.

Am level 85. Currently running:
Shadow Dragon
Green Slime
War and Peace (Advice on replacing this would be great.)

Lost one round against rock worms with this team recently. The previous team I was having more trouble with was:

Crimson Insignia
Green Slime

Both teams are gem creators, but they’re setup to create large chains on the board mostly, which tends to refresh the board. The problem is when enemy starts a chain of brown going, it very quickly overwhelms my field anyway.

Do you have most ultra rare /rare troops? What other legendaries and epics do you have?

I’ve been running a couple of variations on a fun little (relatively) inexpensive team against groups of worms:

  • Gnoll
  • Green Seer
  • Gnoll
  • Templar

Th idea being that the Green Seer can help clear brown from the board, while feeding the Gnolls. The Templar also feeds the Gnolls and helps tank up.

  • Gnoll
  • Hero (Sun & Moon)
  • Gnoll
  • Templar

A slightly slower variation that felt a bit safer.
100% wins against worms with these teams on Warlord I so far (that would be about 8 of 8 in the last couple of weeks)


Missing one rare and several Ultras (Still gunning for Giant Spider). Those are the only Legendaries I have.

While I do understand that certain teams will do better against worms, I’m not too keen on scouting every enemy to see if they should been avoided.

I’d sub out your hero with war and peace for an Alchemist if you have it. It covers the 2 colours missing in your line up and powers up shadow which will transform excess yellow to purple to power your other dragon.

Focus on powering up the alchemist first and use him to get 5s of a kind prioritizing on brown and red. I’d have the lineup

Shadow dragon
Green slime

The green slime doesn’t seem it adds too much here. Could be subbed out as well. Maybe sun weaver… I’ll think on it a bit more.

Try it with slime but my gut tells me sun weaver will perform better.

Alchemist is doing pretty well so far! Helps take care of both goblins and rock worms :smiley:

Will try subbing in Sunweaver when I have enough souls.

Both are versatile and can fit into a variety of line ups; neither are a waste of souls. Good luck