Minor complaint - about no mana makers (Event related)

I love the concept of events with playing a full team from x or of y is awesome. It really gets me thinking of useful workable teams.

However this is the third event that has the same problem - There is only one mana maker in dwarves - Deep Borer only works for those that have brown. 5 of the Dwarves don’t even use any brown.

@Sirrian @Nimhain in the future can folks look over these events and make sure that there is enough mana makers to make sure you can play. I have a great team and it is completely mana starved.

Apothecary is also a mana generator, however she is also brown. Having said that, Deep Borer does have Water Link and a number of the Dwarves do use blue. Combine it with a +2 blue banner and you’re looking at 6 mana per blue match. Not perfect, but it does help a lot.


That is more than before… will try that. Thanks @Ozball

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I’ve just been using Deep - Lady - Lady - Deep on blue/brown.