I must say this has been a challenge this week Dev :)

I love the Hunt Event… Something to finally use my maps for.

The Two Bonus - Monsters and Drifting Sands has been a bit of an interesting challenge.

And I love the Rock Spirit.

But… there are not have enough Brown mana makers in the system for a good team for Rock Spirit to shine. And trust me when I say I have been trying all kinds of neato combos within the bonuses and outside the bonus groups

So here’s what I have learn with the different teams I have built.

1st attempt.
Golem -M/20/F, Rock Worm - M/20/F, Rock Worm - M/20/F, Rock Spirit L/19/F - Great bonuses but no real way to get enough mana to feed the team

2nd attempt
Golem -M/20/F, Rock Worm - M/20/F, Acolyte -M/20/F, Rock Spirit L/19/F with Undead Banner -

This is just too Slow to get really moving, especially against anything with Devour, Death Mark, Mind Wipe or Queen Mab and her freezing on 4/5 matches.

Upside - Golem/Rock Spirit do a 1 - 2 punch that really works on just about everyone to knock out their Armour and then their life. I actually managed to go against a team that was higher point value, and third turn take out all 4 troops with Rock Spirit+Brown gems (manage to get a very good lineup)

But the down side of this is even if I can get Rock Worm and Acolyte to produce enough Brown to make Rock Spirit really effective 4-5s matches end up back in the team or worse - no 4 or 5 match and the other team takes most of my lovely brown away - EVEN if they don’t need it.

Tried the following variances

Replaced Rock worm with Dark Troll to get purple - can’t go against heavy hitters - he has no active attack.

Replaced Rock worm with Rock Troll (double the

Replaced Acolyte with Rock Troll (again even if I could get enough mana on the board - the other team gobbles it up as well)

Tried out Apothecary or The Devoted - no protection - and boy the opposing team would go after her first no matter where I put her in the lineup…

Even tried adding a Guardian and choosing Brown as the second color… but just so slow.

(I do have the Great Maw but after the first initial cast - it really is rather useless)

So I scratch my head - loosing about 20% or more this round to collect the extra gold.

I am going to try Finley next to see if I can get some more brown and purple mana


Have you tried creating a team with the Apothecary?

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Yes - still real slow. Problem is the not being able to create a 4 match to retain the board that contains a good column/row bonus to make Rock Spirit punch.

While I could get brown out, the other team would take it by doing the match - which would make it not good for row/column #brown to add to the base of Rock Spirit’s attack.

I can honestly say when it did work, it is IMPRESSIVE - especially if Golem has broken their Armour the turn before. I have actually taken down entire opposing team in a very short time. I think the troop has potential if I can find a way to make it work at the higher levels. Lower level opposing teams are just slaughtered when I can find them. But the teams I am going up against now start at 7k and go up and have the real powerhouses (Kerberos, EK, Death, Famine, Queen Mab, Manticore)

I’m still futzing with it (using Sheg/Finley to get enough brown is interesting but still again slow).

deep borer? he can tank for you too. not clashing color.

terraxis can deal damage quite well.

you can also have rock spirit as support, not the star of the team.


I did that for a bit and honestly he is very good at that with the Rock Worm combo… I made the joke that Rock Spirit softened them up and Rock Worm could digest them faster :slight_smile:

But it looks more impressive watching 4 troops get smashed to the ground on one turn with Rock Spirit fully primed nicely.


I will try Deep Borer. I hadn’t done a lot with the Mechs… that might prove interesting.

I think @jeno hits the nail on the head. Winning with Rock Spirit in the team doesn’t mean winning with Rock Spirit as the team.




…and so on… are all very viable teams that have RockSpirit in the Aunt Doris role…


I don’t really care about the extra 500 gold by using Rock Spirit in PvP but I’ve tried it. Here’s one of my Rock Spirit deck:
Rock Spirit***
Nobend Brother***
(Red/Yellow banner)
It’s fun team. Mercy can instfill Terraxis if starting board is set for her. Terraxis can produce brown for both Rock Spirit and Nobend Bother while doing good AoE damage. Nobend provide a lot of utilities for the team, either AoE damage, mana generator, or reduce all enemy attack by significant amount. Rock Spirit with this week buff and stoneskin is a good tank. He can take skull damage (especially if nobend cast reduce enemy attack XD) and can also be board controller and mana filler.


I should add

I could just go back and add the powerhouses in… but that isn’t the point of this.

The thing I am trying to do is to actually be creative and stop relying on the overused powerhouses.

But I just did Borer with Acolyte as the two feeders and given I get more color between the two of them it was faster to feed the Rock Spirit and Golem combo. I just took out a Kerb/EK/CB team that was 6+k and it was very impressive


you could add a freezer in the team to freeze brown user to avoid them stealing too much brown. snow sprite only use 6 mana. there a a few choices.


I’ve been trying to get some kind of Rock’n’Roll deck going.

Rock Spirit
Bonnie Rose

The first three giving you a full color spread. Elwyn offering Greedy to help Bonnie power up. Rock Spirit and Elwyn give some great mana gathering ability. Siren for a bit of a speed boost.

To me, you have top tier armies, and then you have fun armies. Right now the top meta is defined by a pretty narrow set of around 10 cards. So if you’re looking to avoid all of those top cards, you just need to accept that the top defend teams will be a PITA to deal with.


I use this, but replace the banner with the Leonis Kingdom flag.


have you ever tried:
Kraken Banner?

I play that line up on my lower level account, and it feels like I am playing with dragon soul + sylvanimora

Nope. Soothsayer and I for some reason don’t work well. Maybe I don’t know how to best use the troop…I don’t know. It just doesn’t do what I want it to do.

Also have the same with Val/Mer/Ban or Val/Ban/GS -for whatever reason I can never keep the board.

Btw, I have Rock Spirit now as a Mythic and 20th.

The team that seems to be holding together is now

Rock Spirit
Rock Worm
Deep Borer

It is still not always easy to keep control of the board, but it is working better than the other teams. Too bad I had to swap out Golem because the ROCK-N-SOCK-N team went much faster when I could get enough brown.

And here’s one that was a wild idea because I saw Terraxis

Terraxis (and he got bumped to 18th level because this worked nicely)
Rock Spirit

Managed to take down now three different types of powers close to my level in points - EK team, Dragon Team, IK/CB team

The thing I like most about this week’s new troop and event combo (and my own rule of not taking any of the top buff troops) was the fun of finding different troop combos that worked well in different ways.

I am thinking of resurrecting the Golem/RS combo and seeing how with Val/Terr being the feeders that works out…because like I said when Golem/RS work… it is just Sock-n-Rock 1 2 everyone’s out in 2 rounds.

The biggest challenge this week has been completing anything without server errors negating it.


Pretty much that. I’ve done two quest lines where the system kerps backing on up like Rikishi’s ass. Got tired of redoing everything at least twice.

I use this team.

Rock Spirit

not best but quite good.

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Ya it’s been a hard week for server errors. I am worried that Support might think I am doing something to cause mine… which is why I am taking pictures and monitoring things that I know have been causing errors.

And the servers fell over again