Kerberos team, new player

I’m new about a week in. Love it BTW. I got a legendary kerberos and I’ve been using it since it’s pretty powerful for my level I guess (80). I use golem, kerberos, giant spider and Valk. The first tank spot isn’t great, it uses brown and so does kerberos. What else can I use, or hope to drop from chests?

Kerberos is my lead as well and I am just above your level. I also use the Lady who heals and Tyra (spelling becuse I can’t look them up right now)

Your team looks fine now.
Golem is a great tank for beginner. And he’s not hard to trait for the 50% stoneskin.
Your Keberos in 2nd spot can protect it from early skydrop skulls. It can get sufficient mana from Giant Spider anyway.

Just go run Explore a few times in Khaziel for the brown traitstone and if you’re lucky you can get the trait in half hour or less.

Also, you don’t always need to fire the golem’s spell. If you don’t see any particular need for it, just hold it charged and let the subsequent brown mana falls to Kerberos.


I was going to say the same thing. The back 3 troops cover all 6 colors and with two transformers, you should be able to control the board and generate mana.

A great troop to pair with Kerberos is Forest Guardian. When it is fully traited, it gives all beasts 50% mana to start the battle, which means you can cast Kerberos very early. It also doesn’t conflict with his mana and you can use it with Giant Spider (who also gets 50% mana). FG can create green to fill GS, GS creates purple to fill Kerberos. Throw in a 4th beast and you have a team that will work for a long time.

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Don’t think about ‘fully traited’, he’s lvl80-something.

Troops that are durable without traits, that are also easy to acquire. And that don’t take Brown or Purple mana or remove those colors from the board…

Oh right. Deep Borer. Doesn’t block those colors, gains armor, even makes Brown for Kerberos. And is easily acquired seeing as its a rare - hell you probably already have it. Job done.

It’s worth mentioning that the troop (Florian) available for glory this week in the shop comes with the arcane skull traitstones that kerberos uses, if you have some glory you should consider getting a few!

Only problem I think is lack of damage. Kerberos is your only direct spell damage troop, and the playstyle maybe a little slow. I don’t really think you need Valkyrie in there… unless you want to soul farm at the same time.

Thanks everyone. I’ll try out deep borer.

If you opened a few green keys, you may have the Summer Knight. He is great in front, even without trait since he gains attack, armor and barrier.

Summer Knight
Poison Master (cheap, common exploder with extra poison to prevent barrier)
Giant Spider

He is a girl. She’s surprisingly good.

…what banner do you suggest?

I’d go Blue/Purple to kickstart Poison Master.

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You could replace Golem with Rock Troll if you get it. Rock Troll is epic, and a downside is that it shares purple with Kerberos, but it’s spell can fill Kerberos quickly and it’s own mana gets filled by Giant Spider.

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I got a team with Kerberos in but I dont how to improve the team to be better please help

Barghast level 18 unlock 1 trait and ascension is epic

Nightmare level 16 unlock all trait and ascension is rare need one more card to make it ultra rare

Kerberos level 19 unlock 1 trait and ascension is legendary

Creeper level 16 unlock all traits and ascension is rare two card a way ultra rare

Any idea would help alot thank you