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Wanted: Ideas to counter 3x Kerberos + Forest Guardian

Hey everyone, I’m having trouble against end-game teams of Kerberos***, Kerberos***, Forest Guardian***, Kerberos***. Can anyone suggest a good team to counter this? The AI powers up Kerberos in 2 turns and then I’m at risk of devour. After that, Forest Guardian protects the whole team with barrier and generates skull matches for Kerberos.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Either a double Manticore team, a Deep Borer/Famine team, or a Manticore/Spirit Fox team.

Or you could just aim to win turn one, before they take a turn. There are a few teams capable of it.


Think in terms of tactics. What are the team’s weaknesses? It only uses 4 types of mana, so blocking the bigger threat (brown/purple) could be considered.

Troops like Astral Spirit, Mercy, or Valk can remove or convert away an entire mana color, which could prove useful.

Cheap/empowered mana drains on the top troop can prevent the other 2 from filling.

Khorvash can help with that too.

Run a full impervious team, and not worry about devour.

Instant kills or devours are good against troops that have devoured other troops.

Scarlett can take out many beasts in 2 casts.

Look at all these options, and build a team around it.


Yeah. Everything that steal mana are a good option.

Something like:

-Emperor Korvash
-Here I put Hero with crescendo o creeping dead, or also Famine
.Crimson Bat
I think in creeping dead because many times they fulminated the enemy fast.

Or of course your own devour team.
Black manacles could also be good here.

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Use the easy button:



Thank you for all the suggestions here. I don’t have a Famine and my Scarlett isn’t leveled up yet, but using the advice to drain the enemy with cheap mana troops, I managed to pull off a victory!

Here’s a video of the battle. Sorry I play so slowly, this one runs for about 9 minutes. I got a bit lucky, but hopefully others may find it useful.


You play slowly, my reaction is turns up the video speed to 2x

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My main suggestion here is to use the AI’s poor timing in casting of the forest guardian to your advantage rather than trying to prevent it from casting completely. Without devour, the team cant win without getting a ton of skulls on you, and forest guardian’s cast will deny both Kerberos’ mana colors. If you can prevent the extra turn completely, either by setting up and baiting them into a bad cast, or freezing the enemy team, you can keep Kerberos busy taking skulls or the forest guardian uselessly refilling while you set something else up. The barrier can be annoying, depending on your team, but it is infinitely preferable to letting Kerberos get a cast off.

Also, the team has no Impervious, so pre-Impervious patch meta teams like Valk/Valk/Mab/Mercy can win without the enemy getting a turn (or at least without them casting a spell, since they’d only be able to take yellow, blue, or skulls 99% of the time). I know you have Gard’s Avatar as well, and that will silence all the Kerberos since they are Daemons as well as Beasts, effectively nullifying the main threat.

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I often use my boring all Impervious team.


No risk of devour. Try to deny Forest Guardian’s cast.


A fantastic reply to this persons request. :ok_hand:


Oooh, yes! I forgot about silencing them with Gard. Which is amusing, since that’s how I usually go about it!

i usually just entangle skull threats, not sure about devour

A full Stealthy/Impervious team will counter Kerberos’ devour. A tank up front will counter Forest Guardian.

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