Green mana generator?


I’ve just started playing the game a few days ago and thanks to some excellent advice from @Zelarith and @TaliaParks, I’ve managed to set up a good combination of cards that work quite well together.

More specifically, Druid, Goblin Shaman, Owlbear and hero with red weapon.

I was wondering if there are other cards that are maybe even better than Goblin Shaman at generating green mana?

Also, I’ve been reading about the Valkyrie card that lets you farm souls while playing, I don’t have it yet, but I was wondering if it would be possible to include this one in the place of something else in this combo or should I just create a new one around that one?

Any tips you have would be welcome!

Just started playing and I understand the fun in finding things out for yourself, but the limited supply of souls I can get (for free) makes me reluctant to level up cards I’m not sure about, especially since blowing through a bunch on cards that don’t play well together because I had no idea what I was doing. (Like Owlbear for example, I’m liking it and it works well for taking the excess green and all yellow mana, but I’m unsure whether I should level it up more or just wait and keep my eyes open for another card that takes the same mana type but packs a mightier punch.)


On Xbox1, Goblin Shaman is one of the best Green Mana generator (we have a few game versions ahead on Steam and there are a couple nerfs coming for him, I don’t know where he currently stands on Xbox1, but my best guess is that he still creates X gems scaling with magic and gets an extra turn. Later on, he will create a fixed amount of gems, 9, and improve life of a random ally (sacling with magic). Finally, he will receive a nerf to create only 7 gems, and still improve an ally’s life).

Other great generators include :

  • Green Seer
  • Venoxia
  • Web Spinner

The two last ones will also receive a fix : they create a number of gems scaling with magic, wich mean they will create way too much gems at higher levels. They will change it to create a fixed amount and have something else scaling with magic level.

Green Seer though (not sure if she was already released on Xbox1 though) convert ALL GEMS of a hosen mana color to green, wich allow you to easily turn gems into a 4 / 5 gem matches, have an extra turn and a lot of green mana.

That’s also what Valkyrie does, except that she create blue gems instead (and generate souls where Green Seer will entangle a random ennemy).

Don’t level up owlbear too much. Reducing attack by 2 is a lot early game, but it’s not much later on. The damage are correct, but that’s all.

The kind of cards a lot of people tend to like are cards offering extra turns, either because it’s part of the spell (example : Goblin Shaman), or because they create a lot of gems and will reliably give you an extra turn on 4 / 5 gem matches (example : … Goblin Shaman) or because they turn some gems into gems of another color (example : Valkyrie / Green Seer).

My first focus when I was new to the game was to upgrade these cards as they seem to fit a lot of combos. I never regretted it and still play most of them.


Thanks again for taking the time to write this all out!

I’m really loving the Goblin Shaman + Druid combo you suggested and at level 15 that Druid pack a heavy punch!

I’ll start levelling the Shaman next then and hope for something more suitable to replace Owlbear before I invest more in him.

And from what I read it seems like Valkyrie + Druid is also a viable combination so hopefully I’ll find oneof those before too long.