Mythic Tier List now available on Steam Community!


After several months of work (and procrastination), here’s my Christmas present to the community! An 18,000 word, up-to-date, comprehensive Mythic troop tier list, placing them into several tiers based on overall viability along with detailed breakdowns and curated teams, available now as a Steam Guide! Please check it out and provide feedback.

Gems of War Mythic Tier List (on Steam)


What a fantastically useful resource!

Thank you :+1:


The useless one is Gargantaur (not Gargantuar).

Yes, a very useful resource. Thanks!



Its unique trait allows you to boost its damage output whenever it takes damage to its Life ( NOT ITS ARMOR ), but that requires it to be on the front lines AND have no Armor, where it is liable to simply die, losing all of its benefits.

Its worth noting the trait activates on armor hits as well since it was changed during the update that changed all of the Orc traits.


This a very nice presentation that must have taken you considerable time. It is a very useful resource that will help players of all levels. Thank you for sharing this with the community. Great job!


Pretty comprehensive (and long) read, I’d say I agree with just about everything in there …


That’s a well-done guide. It will be great to show to new players that are struggling with what mythics to spend diamonds on in the forge.


Wow the guide is amazing. Thank you for taking the time, effort, and energy to make this guide up. It’s really informative and I had a fun time reading it and learning new things about the mythics. I have it book marked and you can bet I will be constantly referring to it. Thank you so much again.


Awesome list


Will there be an update for Phoenicia?



I just got high king irongut and read on your write up for him that you have a team with the titan class hero. Is there a reason you chose specifically titan? I ask because I’m looking at the hero’s trait as a titan and it doesn’t seem like it would benefit the team that much as two out of the three traits require you to have giants on the team for the team to reap the benefits. Thanks for any help.


I feel like he’ll back me up in this analysis:

Titan is the best general-purpose class in the game. Here’s what you get:

  • The hero is a Giant so it starts with 50% mana.
  • Stun opponents if they do skull damage to the hero.
  • Start battles with a Duststorm active.
  • Barrier on Brown matches.
  • Explode a random yellow gem on 4/5 matches.
  • Immunity to: Stun, Poison, Disease, Death Mark, Devour.

If, instead, you take the Thief class to try and get Goblin synergy, what you get is:

  • 50% mana start.
  • Deal 7 damage to the last enemy on 4/5 matches.
  • Hunter’s mark a random enemy on 4/5 matches.
  • Summon Bandits when an ally dies.
  • Cannot be targeted by Spells.
  • 30% chance to dodge skull damage.
  • 7% chance to instakill a not-immune last enemy when another enemy dies.

The thing is, Titan is more on-plan for Irongut. You want to boost his attack so his Devour rate is as high as possible. That means Earth’s Fury, a Red/Brown weapon. Both classes have a 50% start, but Titan can lead with a Duststorm. And if your first move is a 4/5 match of any color, you get an explosion. That’s likely to cause a brown match with a Duststorm active, and that’s how you cast Earth’s Fury on turn 1. This is a very aggressive plan. Overall Titan gets and generates a lot of mana via Lightning Strike.

Compare that to Thief, which is more focused on longevity and incidental damage. A good Thief team wants to generate tons of 4/5 matches and milk the Sneak Attack trait combined with Rising Shadows. The combination of Stealthy, Dodge, and Backup help contribute to the long game. But none of those things make Irongut more effective or easier to boost. The stat bonuses for having an all-Goblin team are negligible.

Thief 100 with Irongut will still be an effective team, but Titan is able to easily threaten a turn 1 Attack boost plus the ability to recast very quickly. Thief is more about making the battle last so long repeated casts are likely. In my opinion, the faster you win the less often your opponents will win, so Titan wins because it doesn’t want a long game.



hey thank you so much for that write up. It’s a lot of stuff and the truth is I didn’t know enough of the game to understand the reasoning behind the choice of Titan over something else. I did learn a lot from what you wrote and I really appreciate your explanation.


Thanks so much for this! We noticed it the moment it came out and it was the talk of the office. :heart_eyes:


How much does it agree with your own internal rankings?


I’m glad this thread got bumped, because I missed it the first time.

The guide is very good with very few disagreements from me on tier order.

@EliteMasterEric, your questions regarding Queen Aurora’s lore can be found here. :wink: