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[SPOILER] new mythic and others

Here is the next mythic and others


Plague reminds me of the rabbit from Donnie Darko… :flushed:

Cool. Good to know what’s coming. Chance to trait infernal King and or moloch

Won’t he be instantly outdated once the Plague hits? 3rd trait-wise I mean, Plague’s is exactly twice as good as Moloch’s.

Udyr, you drunk, go Home.
BTW, infinite loop HellCat / Alchemist incoming


@Sirrian I love your dev team.


Now we only need a troop that transforms a selected mana color to brown. Let the loops begin! :))

Hellcat transforms to red?

These could be 5 months away on console. Doubt I’ll ever see them

Also, I wonder if “die gloriously” will give glory. xD


Be funny if barrier protected him from self sacrifice. But if it is a one shot spell it doesn’t really matter much.

Even if you could somehow avoid the self sacrifice, for that amount of mana the damage he does isn’t even really remarkable. There are a couple of troops already in the game dealing more on a target without having to be sacrificed.

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Sacrifice will definitely still kill. One interesting thing is that the Archer class’ 3rd trait may become more powerful than Maw’s after the indirect Maw nerf. Lethal damage is like sacrifice in that it is essentially “infinite” damage, not a status effect.

Of course it does. He can still act a decent front meat shield with Frenzy and Imprevious making him even better for the task, and without blocking mana. The only case it may not matter is if you’re up against a full AOE based team with Fortress Gate in front.

@Tacet hey bro when looking for the upcoming troops in unit menu…
Sort by amount after selecting all. Shows new troops at the top.


@tacet about what you suggest in your video, that Impervious will protect from Devour and Mana Burn, I don’t think that can possibly be the case.

Impervious is supposed to protect just from [all] status effects, not “everything that has an immunity trait”, But these just cannot possibly be considered status effect (since the definition of status effect is something that lingers through multiple turns, but these just do their thing once during cast time), and even if specific immunity traits are added (which is long overdue), just that doesn’t make them status effects, so they should not be included in Impervious.


Hey folks… my inbox just lit up like a Christmas tree with complaints about this video.
Seems folks (many of whom are not contributors, just avid readers on the forums) are quite okay with the odd spoiler text, but a whole video about unconfirmed changes was a little too much…
While we don’t mind people data-diving and sharing things in a quiet manner (it’s part of the fun with updates - I get it)… this was a step too far.

Obviously we can’t stop people nosing around, sharing, and even making videos… but it seems like the people have voted that they don’t really want quite so much here within such easy reach.

Video links on such things have been removed, but feel free to discuss these things behind spoiler tags and in clearly-labelled spoiler threads.


Yes, there’s a clear difference between “types of damage” and “status effects”, which I think gets obscured by status effects like Poison and Burning (b/c they also do damage).

@Sirrian & @DEMONorANGEL: Perhaps some spoiler boxes around the images as well? I suspect that’s part of the problem.

Looks like me and @Tacet are in the TIME out CHAIR. lol


@Sirrian No worries, I’ll make sure I never post full length spoiler videos on the forum. A lot of people still want to see that kind of stuff though, so I will be keeping it up on my YouTube unless you request otherwise. It has been marked with the spoiler tag thing the whole time.

If any of my spoiler guesses were incorrect, feel free to correct me. :wink:

Also, that new dwarf that dies gloriously really needs to give glory for casting. Same as that other runestone making dwarf for traitstones. :stuck_out_tongue: