Mythic Pet Drops

I don’t even know if this is possible. But if it is, it’d definitely be a cool thing to implement…
When a player has 4 copies of each Guardian at Mythic Rarity. The Guardians stop dropping from Guild Chests.
So like that… If EVERY member in a guild has a certain pet at Mythic Rarity, then that guild will not be able to trigger that certain pet rescue.
If the guild gets a new member that doesn’t have that pet at Mythic Rarity, then that pet would be added back to the drop pool.

(Credit to @Bernice who “inceptioned” this idea into my brain 7 months ago.)


This applies to such a small subset of the player base that I can’t imagine that it would ever be relevant to ANYONE at all. It’d be a waste of the developers’ time.

It’s very #FirstWorldProblems.

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Maybe currently. But the number of players it will be relevant to will increase each day. Especially since Pets become rarer and rarer on a monthly basis.

#first to point out a problem, before the world. :grinning:

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Since there is a “pay gems if you are impatient” model, they probably won’t lower the chance of you getting impatient.
Would be cool tho


Give this man an Atta Boy for this idea!!! Great Idea!!!

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And then comes the “Must have X pets at mythic to join” requirements…

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It’s not that serious. Lol
But if any guild is that hard core about pets. Then so be it. That’s their choice. No one is forced to be in those guilds.

I don’t see why they can’t let us use orbs on our pets? Seems a much easier solution to implement.

Because you’d be able to then use orbs on Faction pets and Cosmetic pets to get them to Mythic Rarity. Which they don’t want.

Cosmetic pets = gem dump
Faction pets = gold dump

This is by design.

Im not sure if this is the right solution since people come and go all the time in most guilds and it would definitely mess with this suggested idea. We do need some kind of future proofing; its only going to get worse.

Sure. But usually only end Gamers go to end gamer guilds. So unless you’re in a guild that allows a lot of folks under a year to join. It shouldn’t matter that much. And would give all players incentive to do rescues. Since they will be needed to level up stars on a kingdom.

Then the devs could just come up with some reason why they can’t be used on those pets. Kingdom pets are also a gem dump for people who want them mythic so your solution would also mean less gems spent by players. :man_shrugging:

Kingdom pets don’t require gems to level them up.
It’s an option, but not necessary at all.
Furthermore, I doubt there’s anyone who spends gems on a pet after they get it to Mythic rarity.
So essentially, this would actually encourage folks to spend gems on pets.

Imagine this scenario:
Frank is the only person in his guild without Mini Mimic to Mythic. A PR for Mimic pops up, Frank completes the PR. But is still one copy short of mythic. So Frank decides, frank it, I’ll use some of the 10k gems I have. He tries tier 1, no luck, tier 2, still no luck, and finally gets the last pet he needs to get Mini Mimic to Mythic.

Currently, Frank would be a fool for doing that to help himself and the guild out. A mini mimic PR will trigger way before you need it to level 20 for a kingdom star.

Second Scenario:
Willy, is a whale, he makes 7 figures a year and is happy to pay whatever he needs to, to have fun. He enjoys GoW and enjoys pets but doesn’t have time to do the rescues.
What matters most to him is being a supportive member of his guild who just like him for being him. They have no clue that he is a whale behind the scenes.
A PR pops up. He’s the only one in his guild without that pet to Mythic Rarity. He does the math, figures out he needs 15 copies of that pet. He happily uses the tier shop to get it to Mythic. But runs out of gems with only 2 pets needed. He happily spends $5 to get enough gems to finish his saga. Willy walks away happy, the guild walks away happy, and the devs walk away happy.

So really, the only question here is… Is the OP possible to implement?

Come on mate, that whale scenario is 1 in a million chance. If your idea was implemented active guilds would have every member a full mythic pet collection in a few weeks. No need to spend gems on pets when always the ones you need keeps popping up. It’s like asking for the mythic troops you already have to not show up with chest openings.

So based on 5% of all the Guilds in the game. A new feature shouldn’t be implemented?
Regardless of 90% of the player base being casual players?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea. In fact I would LOVE if it came to be but it would make getting all pets mythic too easy and would certainly mean less gems spent so it will never happen is my point.

The casual players you mention barely have any mythic pets (if any at all) let alone every member of their guild having the same ones mythic. So your idea won’t benefit them at all. But it would be extremely beneficial to guilds like yours and mine. Like I said, we would have every pet mythic in a matter of weeks and then after that every new pet that enters the pool would be mythic in only days with no gems spent so I don’t see this ever happening unfortunately.

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