Mythic Drop Rates Scaled To Player Level

I love this game and am a dedicated player. I find it very frustrating to see very low levels pull mythic’s and then leave the game a week later, when level 500 and up players can’t get them.

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You will soon have the socialist up in arms :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think it’s just good business to reward loyal “customers” :blush:

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Nice knowing you @Flamingo



Yeah this one’s going to go over like a limestone glider…

It would be nice to dream though. Sigh.

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That’s why they have Path to Glory :smiley:

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by the way isnt growth pack showing mythic gained in the chat? some of those low levels could have bought that :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway i believe its just rng and there is no such thing as "bigger chance to get a mythic for low levels "

Hi, guys.

I know this thread’s old, but I stumbled upon it while looking for what exactly the mythic drop rates are and I’d been asked by a guildmate if the mythic drop rate is dependent on the character level.

So, I would really and in seriousness appreciate some feedback on this.


The mythic drop rates are given for each chest type, click on the little question mark in the corner. Player level does not affect it, though for guild chests the guild chest level does.