Guild chest drops

My guild reached the 10k level this week. I turned in almost 13,0000 seals and got no higher than purples. I know guild members who have received mythics their first week. I have been playing this game for 8 months and have received few oranges and 0 mythics. I complete my daily tasks. I contribute $ to the guild. I have even spent actual money on the game. I am over level 400 and have received 0 mythics. I play people in pvp with two mythics who are level 200. Does the orb for guild seals prevent higher cards? I’m about to give up on this game

Hi there,

Let me tell you that your level doesnt guarantee get Mythics, i am level 1100+ and only got 3 mythics from keys and seals and one was repeated.
Odds are an important factor in this game (or luck if your prefer).
Also, is more than recommended to turn in seals when your guild hits 40k seals, and you are able to open level 6 guild chests for better chance for legendaries and mythics.

Having said that, you dont need mythics to play the game, i made top 100 in pvp and on weekly events with the right teams.

I understand it may be frustrating having bad luck, but that shouldnt be an issues to enjoy the game.

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I understand you don’t need them. I also understand the more you get the better chance you have. I understand all of that logic. However, getting everyone to make sure to contribute 1500 seals a piece each week isn’t as easy for a small guild. Please also don’t suggest I find a new guild, as I’m the person who created the guild. We actively recruit but I can’t force people to contribute. It’s just incredibly frustrating to farm a game as much as I do and watch people at lower levels open chests and get oranges and mythics regularly. I have never once complained to a guild member or friend about the drops in the game. But when you just opened up 13k worth of seals and didn’t even get an orange- it’s frustrating and makes you wonder why the point is. Especially when lower levels and others who opened 11k less chests received oranges. I am reaching a point in the game where even my teams with all the traits aren’t reaching the needed levels to compete with other teams or in certain activities. At what point does it just become an exercise in futility?

I’m sorry, but this is how gambling works. While you may not agree, it is “fair” that people of lower levels can have mythics because the condition is, “Did the PRNG generate a magic number?”, not “Do you deserve a mythic?” If you’re wondering what the point is… good!

It is always an exercise in futility. Nothing in this game is tangible. No F2P game lets you get to “the end” without a ridiculous amount of tedium and work. In the same amount of time I spent on GoW, I could’ve beaten Breath of the Wild 3-4 times and played through 2 or 3 other large-scale games. I play GoW because I don’t have 6 hours at a time to spend on video games anymore, I need to consume them in 20-30 minute chunks.

But I sort of hate myself for helping F2P remain a dominant model. We were better off when you paid $24.95 or whatever up-front for a game like GoW and got something that you could “finish” in a month or two.

I never use guild keys (or any keys really) until there is troop that can only be obtained by “glory, gem, guild and VIP” keys. So far, I have gotten 3 Mythics via guild keys to date, all during troop events like these. There was only one time I got a Mythic from a guild chest not during a troop event, and that was World Breaker, It is really all about luck, but if you want to increase your luck you are better off saving up keys for this.

I can tell you, Legendaries or Mythics wont change much if dont make the proper teams.
Also what make your teams strong is also leveling up kingdoms and power them up to get bonus skills, did you do that?

Besides that, if you need help just ask.

And aslo if you need to release some steam due to the bad odds, do it, it helps.

That is some bad luck, I know it is frustrating to see people so much lower level then you with all the good cards. if you don’t mind spending money on the game, buy the growth pack 2 from the offers button. you will get like 1300 gems and a guaranteed mythic right away since you are over level 150. You have had a horrible dry spell, but if you stick with it, i am sure you will get a run of really good luck eventually!

I appreciate the offer. That’s a good point about the kingdoms. I have leveled up a few but not enough. Honestly, I throw more into the guild then the kingdoms. Maybe I should stop being the guild sugar mama for a little! LOL

Thanks for everything. This is the first time this game has really frustrated me. RNG doesn’t usually get me fired up but I really felt screwed this time.

Nope. Sheer, blind, dumb luck.

A thread was created under “Support,” and look at all the support from the forum members…

It’s why being a part of these forums is such a delight. :grinning:

Yeah, so OP, nothing I can really add that hasn’t already been suggested.

From your original post, you stated that you’ve been playing for eight months. Well, at my ninth month, I got my first Mythic to drop whilst using Glory Keys, so here’s hoping that you’re due for one soon.

But, seriously, it’s a mistake to go by other people’s RNG with drops. That’ll just bring disappointment. Best bet is to increase your chances by accumulating more keys and gems, to “roll that die” a few more times.

The odds of a mythic dropping from a Guild chest at the 10,000 seals level is 0.018% if you have all Guild Guardians at mythic x 4, otherwise the odds are halved.

Assuming at level 400, you don’t have all Guardians mythic, the odds of you not getting a mythic in 13,000 seals (650 guild keys) is: (1 - 0.018% x 50%)^650 or 94%.

So regarding mythics, you’re not unlucky, you’re just not playing good odds.

For legendaries, you’ve been a bit unluckier but by no means unexpectedly so. The odds of no legendaries is 650 keys is around 12.5%, or 1 in 8.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but if you’re an active player, you’d be much better off in a fully active guild. The odds of a mythic are much better at the 40,000 seals level for guild keys, and you’ll be getting many more glory and gem keys as well.


8 months and only rank 400ish… try playing more and finishing those kingdoms. Then doing guild tasks and getting more keys.

It’s not the only game I play. I do all my tasks daily unless work prohibits me. We do a good majority of guild tasks each week but a lot of our guild is saving for the acheivement.

Oh and all the kingdoms are done. I just haven’t been throwing all of my money into them since I’ve been focusing on guild tasks