Guild chest chances broken?

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting gem key level drops. I got a hugely excessive amount of ultra rare troops. It took me 10k seals to get a single legendary. Others in my guild have said the same thing.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Yesterday around 9pm est

Steps to make it happen again
I’m not willing to spend any more seals


Maybe stating the obvious here, but your best chance of leggys+ is to have your chest upgrade list at 40k.
This way when you use your keys all troops will be selected from the epic, legendary and mythic pool :grin:


You must mean all troops will be selected from the Ultra-Rare, Epic, Legendary & Mythic loot pool :grin:

10k seals is 500 chests, that is freaking cheap for a mythic

I been playing for 5 years and 40k seals max out chances just like all chest rewards claim but the fact is the servers always mess up, we never get anything good from Orbs of Chaos just growth orbs 98% of the time and i spent 10,000 seals when we was maxed at 40,000 seal mythic or legendary AND i got nothing new for years. Same with every other chest even VIP chest give worthless OLD copies of Mythics. The chest drop rate needs a MAJOR UPDATE people. For now i suggest crafting new troops from the soul forge.

If you use your keys on a mythic Friday (first Friday of each month) then you won’t get a mythic you already have, if successful.

The drop rates are visible for each chest type, 10k seals is only 500 chest while looking for a mythic with a drop rate of 0.11%.


and at 500 chest, it isnt even 50% chance yet

Op isn’t complaining about mythic chances, he mentioned 10k seals until seeing a legendary drop.
At 40k seals legendary chance is 2.25%
With 500 pulls there’s a 99.99% chance of getting a legendary.

What we don’t have confirmed from the OP is the level of the guild chest.


40k seals, all guardians upgraded, and yes talking about legendary troops only, not even mythic. Most of my results I could see ultra rare troops on the first page so that’s what, less than 10 epic troops out of 50?