% Chance of rare cards in Guild Chests

Just wondering if anyone knows what the chances are of getting Mythic or Legendary cards out of Guild Chests?

Assuming your guild has 10,000 seals (which means all cards available from Common to Mythic) what is the chance of getting the top cards? Is it like 5% or something much worse like 0.0005%?


I don’t have the web links on hand, but others in the PC/Mobile threads have crunched some stats on obtaining Legendary or Mythic troops in general. You would be able to extrapolate the probabilities for pulling them from typical Glory chests.

Depending on the chest, I have heard odds in the range of 0.1% to 2% chance.

That being said, the probability of pulling Legendaries and Mythics from Guild Chests will be extremely low if you are talking about Level 3 chests (10,000 guild seals) that still contain the Guild Guardian commons.

The Guild Guardians (the white troops in Guild Seal chests) are coded to drop at a 50% probability until they become mythic for you. Then they will be removed from your drop pool.

As you can guess, your best chances of getting Legendaries/ Mythics will be greatly improved at that point. Meanwhile, there isn’t any real benefit to holding onto personal Seals until your guild finally achieves Level 6 chests weekly (40,000 seals). Even then everyone will still need to keep drawing the white Guardians at a 50% drop rate until they are mythic.

I just spent over 7000 seals on level 5 guild chests and got not even 1 legendary or arcane. My guardians are all mythic. Is this normal, bad luck or is something wrong? Rest of guild got nothing decent either.


I’ve been told this has been nerfed, so it’s even lower!

Who told you that? Nerfed from what to what, and when?

It’s a low chance but not possible to get 0 Legendary troops after 7000 seals.

Another player told me, supposedly because explore now gives more seals. I don’t know where he got his info. Not impossible you mean?

Whoops, yes, not impossible.

That’s kind of true about Explore. Before you got 6 seals if you completed a difficulty Warlord IV Explore. Now you get 6 seals for difficulty 2 or higher Explore, which are much easier. But the displayed chest drop rates haven’t changed.

Bad luck, not too unlikely though. The chance for that to happen was roughly 10.5%. Never open guild chests at level 5, always wait for level 6, you would have received several legendary cards.


Individual explore might give more seals, but the player total is still 1500/week, so no change there. You can get 1500 seals faster, but you can’t get more than that. So no reason to suspect a nerf.

Guild chests at level 5 is the highest we can attain, and only when it’s guild war week.

Try to get guild members coordinated to all contribute 1500 seals on one single week each month, e.g. the first one. There’s some wiggle space, you only need 40k of 45k seals, and members can obtain more than 1500 seals by using clan orbs AFTER reaching the 1500 seals limit. If it really just isn’t possible, ask some higher activity guild for a visitor spot on Recruitment Sunday, most won’t mind you joining for a few minutes to spend your seals on 40k chests.

Rule of thumb, at level 5 you are opening Glory chests, at level 6 you are opening Gem chests. Never open guild chests below level 6, save your seals until you can use them on level 6 chests.

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Thanks for the suggestions, but it’s difficult to get a guild at full capacity, even in bracket 13, and only a handful get to 1500 (not required).
Anyway I won’t be guild hopping after 1425 days in the same guild and I have currently 713/746 troops, so that’s not too shabby.