About Guild Seals

hi! Today I used about 11000 guild seals to open the corresponding chests. Our guild has reached the 20000 seals threshold so the chests correspond to “from rare to mythic”. This number, if I am not mistaken corresponds to more than 550 chests.
To my surprise the highest reward I got was Epic. This is distinctly different from previous times where a single use of 1000 seals guaranteed legendary etc. Same for another member of our guild, highest reward was Epic.

From today´s results I got a very disappointing 0 / 550 for legendary…
Did the chance to get legendary from guild seals change (to smaller values) or is it possible that there is a bug?


I have opened the 20000 seals chest with 10k+ seals before and got no legendaries whatsoever, but got mythic from 1500 seals opening the 40000 chest. It’s just RNG sadly so I guess you just had a bad roll, sorry! Opening the 40k seals chests usually reaps better rewards for me though.