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Easy Guild Chest Question

I think I might have had a string of typical luck… just curious what’s in the Guild Chest.

We currently have the 40k 5Star Chest unlocked. I opened about 300 Guild Chests and did not receive anything but Blue and a few Purple troops (plus Guild Guardians obviously).

I know the Gem Chest is x10 Mythic and x4 Legendary. Is the Guild Chest x0 Legendary, and x0 Mythic?

It seems odd I did get at least one random Legendary?


Just bad RNG. Opened 50 chest at 40k seals and got 2 guardians and 40 ultra rare and a handful of stones.
Tried another 50 chest and got 3 legendary and about 20 guardians.

RNG bro

Im only looking for guardian and maybe it is just my imagination but it look like i was more lucky to get them in the level 1 chests

I only opened lvl 6 guild chest and never got one single legendary. I have no doubt theyre inferior to gem chest. (probably because of the 50% chance to receive a guardian)

So You only opened 100 and got 3 Legendary on console!! Interesting, Do that entire process multiple more times without a single Legendary… (or Arcane)

I think so as well. I have opened TONS of every type of chest, even factoring the 50% reduction from Guardians seem inferior to Glory, Gems, Event, and VIP Chests.

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Since seals are started i only got 2 legendary with the best chest

Lol, sorry for your bad luck guys. Better luck next time…Well maybe :wink:

Lol i don’t really care bro i got them all, im only looking for guardians and when i will get them all to mythic, these chest will be useless for me

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Yeah I’m only chasing guardians. Need no legendary all are mythic. Got every Mythic released so far.

The 40k seal chest is useless to me atm. I get way more guardians with the lower tier chests.

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Yeah but by then Ricky devs will release New Guardians cause they will no your close to mythic status on the old guardians. :wink:

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You got any legendary guardian yet? Im at epic for most of them now

They better hurry up cause i got 3 guardians almost legendary yet lol

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Nah mate. Shit to be legendary that would mean there spending and are lucky enough to get the Reset bug so they can earn double seals

Almost legendary? Jeez. Half of mine aren’t even ultra rare.

Well we got lot of keys buyers :slight_smile:

I’d buy some keys if the guild store wasn’t blank for me since we got it :stuck_out_tongue:


I would also like some keys from ya @Boats
Help this guy out devs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same here, around half my guild can’t buy anything with real money. It’s very frustrating.

Plus some who can buy stuff don’t receive it. Been happening to me for months.