Amazing guild chests

So our guild managed to get the 40k chests for the first time and I wasn’t expecting much until I saw this. 2 mythics from a 50 key set I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s funny because I spent like 2,000 gems and around 200 gem keys trying to get that Wulfgarok a few days ago.


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Congrats! you might have used up all of your good luck for a while though.


Just FYI that is not the norm. I’ve opened somewhere around 1,000 Guild Chests at this point and don’t recall ever receiving a Mythic from them, let alone 2 at once.

Enjoy your new Mythics but if this was Vegas it’d be time to cash out. :wink:

I’ve had 2 abynissia, but not the same batch.

That’s freaking crazy luck. Have yourself a like!

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Here are my hands :open_hands:

Will you rub them for luck?! :rainbow: :confetti_ball: :champagne: :rainbow: :confetti_ball: :champagne: :rainbow:


Yeah I’ve never really got anything good from these chests before haha. This is the first time we’ve had the 40k chest though but yeah I’m not expecting anything good for a while now.

Yeah sure why not :wink:

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Thanks! @Adam

I am waiting for Friday to unlock chests, but I’ll let you know how I do! :wink:

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What??? 2 mythic at the same time, in guild chests??

OMG, yeahh, now I know who get my mythic

I never seen one in 40k chests also with a lot of extra keys pays by members

So lucky I think, or is just the reward of long time expecting to hit it.

Congratulations anyway, this is something just incredible :wink:


2 Mythics and 2 Legendarys? I don’t think I’ve even gotten one legendary. Well at least RNG loves someone. :astonished:

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Wow! Congratulations!

Wish my many hundreds of Guild Chests provide even a single Mythic. Mostly provides Ult Rare and Guardians at the 40K Level :stuck_out_tongue:


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You beautiful lucky human being!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :joy:


I got my first and only mythic from a guild chest.

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Nice one mate glad I could help haha :wink: