Are Guild Chest Equivalent to Gem Keys?

With level 6 guild chests I get 99% blue troops. Some weeks I get a purple or two and about once every month or two I get a legendary.

I feel like I get better cards with glory keys. Just seeing if others have this kind of luck or if I am just cursed!

Sounds cursed…

Gets better once you get the Guardians all to mythic and x4.


Same, they’ve been my best source for mythics during exclusive periods. Usually get one in the third or fourth lot of 1000 seals

I have got most of my mythics from gem and glory keys. Once in awhile I get one from guild chests. However Drathas is right it does get better once your get the guardians all to mythic x4

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The reason it gets “better” is you are only using 50% of the chest openings for a non-GG troops prior to obtaining 4x Mythics across all 6. (The other 50% are solely pulled from the 6 GG troops).

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I’ve had all Guardians at mythic for at least 6-7 months. I’ve even bought seals and spent 4000 at a time and got all blues and 3-4 purples. I guess I’m just cursed.

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