Guild chest have terrible rewards?

max lvl chest counts as glory chest or gem chest?
4 weeks opening lvl 6 chest. atleast 30 every week and still didn’t got any legendary, not talking about mythic.
bad luck or working as intendet?

Max level guild chest has nothing lower than Ultra-Rare in it. When do you open your chests? at the beginning of the week? At the end? The chest resets down to rank 1 at the beginning of each week until the guild reaches 40k seals again.

at the end of course. always when guild makes 40k

The 40K chests are comparable with gem chests (not counting the 50% guild guardian drops) according to devs.

From my experience, the drop rate is consistent with a gem chest as well. I have gotten legendary troops from them. And, I’ve had a couple of guild members that pulled mythic troops from them.

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