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No guardians from 50 seal chests

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Guild reached over 40k seals, spent 1000 seals and not a single guardian.
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Guild rank over 40k, used 1000 seals and got guardians, used another 1000 not a single guardian.
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

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Yikes. The odds of that happening are so small as to defy reason. That’s definitely a bug.


That was my thought. Will I receive a refund of these seals? I bought the $20 guild seal pack for guardians not the rest.

It was mentioned in another thread… may be a bug where it’s eliminating the Guardians after you have 4 commons, when it’s supposed to be 4 mythics.

Or it simply removes them along with the other commons at the 20k seals mark? (not to mention 40k) That’d explain it, kinda.

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I don’t know, our guild’s past the 20k seal mark and I opened 20 chests. Got 10 Guardians, including 6 Sacrifice that I used to ascend it. Doesn’t seem to match the odds of Guardian drops either (50%?)

Not complaining, mind.

No it doesnt remove the guardians at chest levels that have no comons.
I got them in 1st lvl and 40k.


Drops are weird to say the least. Here is my post from another thread

That was at lvl 40k

At 1st lvl i opened 12 keys and got all 6 new guardians out of 12

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I was worried it was a fix for that guy hacking to get guardians. I spent 1000 seals and received guardians, when I spent the next 1000 I received no guardians. I was wondering if it glitches due to spending over 1500 seals.

I just spent 15 Guild Keys and my entire 1500 Seals for the week, and got…0 Guardians.

I know it’s physically possible, but I still call shenanigans. Unfortunately I’m now SOL for the week.


Just to narrow this down, how many of each guardian do you currently have in your collection?

From last week’s pulls, I have 4x Courage, 8x Honor, 9x Humility, 5x Justice, 4x Loyalty, 6x Sacrifice. Justice is level 15; all the rest are level 1. All are still Common rarity.

If the answer is that once you have a single copy of each, they count as regular cards, then that sucks! That would mean that before you can get them from Common to Uncommon, you’d have to spend a bunch of seals on <=10k chests, which means your pulls will also be clogged with other cards you don’t want; also, it means that once your guild gets to >=20k chests you’re screwed for the week. That can’t be intentional.


No, but there is a huge chance that something’s wrong with a feature of Guardians: The fact that once Mythic’ed they disappear from the chests if you have 4 of each.
And you have four of each, although not Mythic.

@Sirrian? @Nimhain?

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Yeah, the odds of getting zero Guardians in a random 50-chest pull is infinitesimally small. This is a bug, and one you should get compensation for (in my opinion).


And in the meantime everyone is advised to not use their seals/guild keys unless they are not interested in the Guardians.

Actually those not interested in the Guardians would then get a much better ROI than they should get…

It seems to be more complicated than that. Last week I opened all my guild chests at the 40k mark. The first bunch of 50 contained guardians, the next bunch of 10 also contained guardians, the rest didn’t contain any at all. Going through my collection I had between 5 and 9 copies of each guardian. Factoring in your collection, it looks like the magic number is 4. Owning less than 4 copies of any guardian still allows them to show up, throughout a whole bulk opening.

Interesting things left to test:

  1. If you own some guardians below the magic number, some above, will only the ones below the magic number show up in chests or still all of them?

  2. Is this only glitched for Common rarity or does it also happen once you’ve ascended at least one guardian to higher rarity and reached the magic number for all of them?

I’ll try to keep that in mind during my next guild chest opening session, provided we hit the 40k mark.

15 keys plus 1500 seals makes it 80 total pulls, which is even more egregious. Given a theoretical 50% drop chance, going 0/80 should be a 0.000000000000000000000008% chance, if I’m counting my zeroes correctly. ;p Which, yes, is >0% so it’s possible, but it’s flamingly implausible.

And the sample size can actually go up as you’re not the only one encountering this.

And, of course, this would come up right as the dev team heads home for the weekend.

Hopefully they can access their code base remotely!

The issue was reported first 8 days ago – it’s not like this is new. This is just the second report.

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Yeah this definitely stopped me from buying more seals, at least till I know it won’t be wasted money. I received guardians after that through normal seal accrual means. When I originally did it I had 2000 seals so I did them all at once, first 1000 had guardians and the second 1000 did not.