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Mythic drop rate needs increasing or better odds

I’ve been playing this game for months now…currently level 1117 and I’ve only pulled one base mythic from a chest and only immediately after I crafted 1…not another one since…it’s not like I don’t open all different types of chest at different times but nothing like what gives game is almost not fun anymore and it doesn’t matter how long u play because all of the chest are based off of luck…so basically I could keep playing this game forever and not ever pull another mythic…what’s the incentive to keep going

Best advice is to join a guild (where all members contribute 500k plus gold and max guild seals).

If you do this you get resources to average 1.5 mythics a month.

Ie your 6000 seals a month equals .3 of a mythic by itself


So I should save all my seals and only through them once a month basically because I generally wait til the end of the week to only get epics and ultra rares…occasionally I get a legendary I don’t have

At least save them until your guild hits 40k so you have better odds at getting better cards

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I do generally tbh I got my better pulls below 40k seals

Thats odd, may just be luck. I guess do whats better for you.

Idk wat that even is anymore :joy: game is getting boring because I’m not pulling the troops that I want just the same thing over and over or “having” to play with shitty troops I would never use for weekly objective

It’s completely the luck of the draw. My son is under level 250 and has pulled 8 different mythics. None crafted yet.


In other words, if you adopt me, I’ll get more Mythics? :grin:


That says a lot about the game tho luck of draw or not if he’s under level 250 with 8 where should I be at damn near level 1200…see wat I mean…it’s bullshit

Being in a highly active guild that maxes resource gathering avenues is the most important aspect of the game if you want the best rewards and the best chance at dropping mythics. Individual playing level just won’t help with that. I have a guild mate over level 1,000 that just obtained a bunch of legendary cards he was missing after joining us because of the amount of LTs we do compared to his last guild.

What guild you’re in is pretty critical in this game. (Of course, having good luck helps too.)


My guild is number 19 on ps4…only thing we get from legendary task is keys for the most part and our guild is down quite a few people currently but we still get our 40k seals and a few lg task per week

It is highly unlikely his luck will continue thru level 1200. And then he will be upset over the drop rate too :slightly_smiling_face:. It really is a gamble every time you open something. Reminds me of an old grocery store when I was younger :joy:

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Like @Ashasekayi said, being in a resourceful guild helps but ultimately it boils down to luck of RNG

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It is all unfortunate RNG luck… but something to understand @toljazn is disassociate your Hero level with it. Having a high level has nothing to do with how many keys you have opened. My daughter’s account is under 200, no VIP and yet has 4 base Mythics.

Obtaining Mythics is directly associated with quantity of keys opened. The more you open the better your chances are. How many keys you get is really up to you. Others have noted how to get more keys (without money btw).

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I’ve been playing nearly every day since Nov of last year, and so far only ever had one Mythic drop. All others were waited for or crafted. I’m not really sure about the drop rate, but I do notice that with the seal chests, a 50% drop rate of the white/Divine cards is way off. I usually get about 2/3 of those cards when our guild reaches the 40K mark.

ETA: The one mythic drop I did receive was from a glory chest. It was Euryali.

I think you should enjoy the game and save resources. It helps to open a lot of chests once a month, rather than weekly. Do a massive key opening on the last day of every month, (unless you want the new mythic released that first Friday of the new month), and I bet your luck will change.

  1. It’s RNG
  2. As others have posted join a top Guild if top rewards like Mythics are what you are seeking.
  3. This issue (bad luck) has already been addressed and solved a year ago. It’s called “The SoulForge”.

All about luck.
It took 6 months until I got my first,another 6 months for the second…And a couple of months ago,I got 4 mythics in 1 week.