Mythic Blues - How do new Mythics work?

So I have been saving keys, gems, and seals like crazy waiting for a new mythic to come out so that I could try to get my first mythic troop. I logged on today and saw BEHOLD a new Mythic (Suna) just came out … only available in chests this week!

So I went on an opening spree and got … nothing. I shouldn’t say ‘nothing’, because I got a bunch of new legendaries, which was cool, but I didn’t get any mythics.

I wasn’t too worried about it as I know they’re hard to get. BUT then I decided to look at the status of my troop lineup after all the opening … opened Troops … sorted by Rarity … turned on Show All … and started scrolling.

And what do I see … rather what do I NOT see? I don’t see Suna shown ANYWHERE. I even do a search with the title and it brings up nothing with UNOWNED on.

I logged on just now and it actually IS shown now.

Which begs the question … when I spent all my saved up stuff, when I opened all those chests … was Suna actually available? Did they share the announcement in the news BEFORE they actually made her available in the game? I realize that even during release week, it’s still a crap-shoot to get a mythic, but when I opened them, after I saw the announcement that she was waiting in there to be found … did I actually have a chance? Or was she still backstage, waiting for her big moment?

NOTE: I am a Switch player.


There’s no good way to tell afterwards, it’s quite frequently configured incorrectly, with the official claim always being everything was okay to avoid refunds. Experienced players usually wait till they see the message popping up in chat that someone else has pulled the mythic troop. It doesn’t help against odds set too low but at least you know the troop is in the pool.


@Balder I’d recommend that you ‘Submit a request’ on the GoW Support site here: For “What type of issue are you having?”, it sounds like ‘Missing rewards or game content’ or ‘Game questions’.

Q: Were you logged in when the reset occurred, or did you log in after reset had already happened?

@Lyya maybe this should be categorised under ‘Support’?

Good call. I’ve recategorized it. That being said, the support link provided ( is the best way to get support for missing rewards, if you suspect you are owed something.

Thanks, Lyya

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That’s the problem … I don’t know that I’m owed anything. Who’s to say if I would have gotten Suna at all opening all those chests? I’m just a little frustrated because it seems that when I opened them, I didn’t REALLY have the chance to get her at all because the event that put her IN the chests at 10x the frequency didn’t coincide with the announcement that said it would.

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Either way, I think a support ticket would be your best bet at finding out.

IF Suna wasn’t available at the time you opened chests, I’d be interested to know if other Mythics were. That would resolve the “What if?” part of the issue, as we would be able to say you wouldn’t have received Suna anyway as you didn’t roll a Mythic.

I’m not sure what you mean here, and I don’t think that’s how it works. During a ‘Mythic Exclusive/Release’ week, that new Mythic becomes the only Mythic available in chests (except for Event Chests from other kingdoms). The drop rate for that Mythic is still the same as the normal drop rate for Mythics.

If you had received a different mythic, then you could say “I am owed a Suna”.

But if you didn’t get any other mythics, you weren’t really robbed of anything, aside from the vague “Well what if the RNG was in a different state?” speculation.

But really. Unless you spent about 40,000 keys it probably didn’t matter.

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The Gem chests show a little pic of Suna and say 10x chance for mythic.

I’ve been told elsewhere too that the best chance to GET a mythic is during release week because the new Mythic drops at a better rate than any other time during that week.

I’m pretty sure that’s referring to its rate compared to Glory chests. In game guide it states for Gem chests:

“There is a 4x higher chance to find Legendary Troops in Gem Chests compared to Glory Chests and a 10x higher chance to find Mythic Troops.”

That’s true, but can be misunderstood. It’s the best chance to get that Mythic, because it’s the only one available during the release week. If you pull a Mythic, it’s guaranteed to be the new one.