My wife needs a guild

My wife’s character is something around lv 180, she just got all of her kingdoms to lv 10, and is looking to be slightly more serious with guild stuff. She is currently in a random low level guild, but wants one with people who contribute about as much as she does for seals and gold to statue tasks.

On the average week, she can do:
-around 50 trophies
-donate 80,000 gold to tasks
-500 seals

Any guild have a spot and have requirements something near that? I’ll have to check for her invite code, too.

Hi, we will be happy to have her with us.
We are rank 338 , master III 200% gold bonus, 20000 seals reached every week
We require at least 300 seals/week and play regularly
Let me know her invite code if interested.

Ps: we have a spot also for you if you like :wink:

Thank you for the invite Daniel. I’ve received PMs and she now has a guild. I will PM you if for some reason she needs a guild.

As for myself, I’m in a guild that has almost perfect requirements for what I can contribute, so I’m also not in need of a guild.

Thanks everyone for looking, my wife has a guild.