Husband/wife duo looking for top 100 guild (GUILD CHOSEN,TY)

Husband(lvl 1076) and wife(lvl 835) team looking for a top 100 guild. Prefer a 40k seal guild with LTs.
We are daily players who do 1500s and 250+ trophies weekly. (Eastern Time Zone, late night players) Active Guild War participants. All kingdoms opened and leveled so all gold goes to guild. Leaving current guild do to inactive players and low player count. We do have discord, but not very active on it. Please don’t make it a requirement! :wink:

Amaia & Daedraug

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Check into Dominant and pm me if those reqs aren’t too strict and in line with what you’re looking for. We haven’t missed a 40k week in six months and still do double diget Lt Monday’s despite the nerf and several players hoarding in hopes of an amendment.

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Thank you everyone for your Guild Invites. We have chosen to go with Dominant. See you all in game!


Oh no. We have multiple husband wife teams in TUF and a range of requirements allowing you to change guilds seemlessly as your life situation changes.

Guess I was slow to respond.