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Couple looking for guild

Hi there, my wife and me are looking for an active guild. Lv.196 and 426.

We can donate at least 150k per week, it depends on our timetable it ranges from ~100k-1000k but we can promise at least the 150. Every one of us of course :wink:

We hope to find a middle ground guild which will somewhat be able to finish or do half the tasks with the new 2.1 update.


And yes Syradeth is no typo^^

I invited you both to 30 Secs 2 Match rank 103 guild :smiley:
Welcome aboard!

Well you only have room for 1 ^^

Hi @Daermanonn. Hoguns currently has 2 open spots and we’d love to have you both. I had our guild leader Heatgun (my wife) send you invites however it looks like Syradeth is still in a guild. If you’d both like to join, just let me know and either I or Heatgun will try to invite again.

As to our guild, we have a post here (Hoguns’ Recruitment post) that goes over our requirements but it sounds like you’d both fit in just fine. We’re one of the oldest guilds around (currently rank 54) and try to keep ourselves semi-casual (our current requirements are only 100k gold and 50 trophies a week but most members contribute substantially more). If you’d like any more info or have any questions, just let me know. :slight_smile:

Sorry about that she’s out now.

Awesome. Invite sent. :smiley: