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2 players looking for a new Active home- Closed

Hello, my wife and I are interested in some spots in a fairly active more end game focused guild. I am Lv. 570 and My wife is 195 with all towns maxed at Lv 10. right now. However we do play every pvp and get at least all progression rewards. I usually hover around 3k points unless I need trait stones, I’m not 100% on her general score. However I spend almost all of my gold on donations currently I’m sitting at a bit over 6m in my current guild and now that she has finished her towns she will as well. We might struggle with the 500k gold every week and would do better in a 200k-300k ish but we would do what we could as needed and as real life allows. So we might not be cut out for a top 20 however I think we could more then hold our own in a top 50-100.
If we sound like a good fit for your guild either respond here or send me a pm please.

Thanks for your consideration,
Baba Yega

Intrim is recruiting and our requirements are 300/300. How does that suit?

I think I found one that will suit our needs but thank you for the interest.