In Search of a Guild for two Semi-New Players

Hello thanks for clicking :cherry_blossom: My boyfriend (lvl 100) and I (lvl 77) are looking for a guild with active players! We play everyday and are in a little guild with a couple friends who don’t play as seriously as we do. We would like to find a guild that we can do guild wars and raid bosses with. Neither of us have maxed all of our kingdoms (I was seeing that as a requirement in a lot of the posts I looked at). We would love to know what an active guild is like!

Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate your time.

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Hi! I think we’d be a perfect fit for you. We’re a casual, mixed level guild with active daily upper level players happily contributing to help mid and lower level players up their game. We were a closed guild of four for three years who just opened up the guild for pretty much the same reasons you’re looking for - we love playing Raid Boss and Invasion and wanted to up our guild seal levels. Only current requirements are active play and seal contribution - no log in or contribution for two weeks without notifying Guild Master = kick. We currently have three spots open (and will likely have a few more in about a week as we weed out inactive newbies from when we first opened the guild.) Take a look at Spyro’s Army and let us know if you’d like to join us! Thanks and good luck with your Guild search. :slight_smile:

We already found a guild but thanks so much for replying! :smiley: