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Trying to find a Place I fit

Hello, I am interested in finding a fairly active more end game focused guild. I am Lv. 646 with all towns maxed at Lv 10 right now. I do play every pvp and get at least all progression rewards, I usually hover around 3k points unless I need trait stones. That comes out to 200-300 trophies a week but lately I have been hovering the mid to low 200’s. I hit about 1k-1.5k seals each week and I can donate between 400-500k gold every week but I would do what I can as needed and as real life allows. Basically I want a fun active guild that hits 20k or 40k chests and unlocks most or all rewards each week that’s fun but knows that life happens and at the end of the day this is just a game. I play on my Phone/PC.

Thanks for your consideration,
Baba Yega (sig and Invite code)

Mean Machine, rank 41, might be the place for you.
We hit 40k seals every week and last week we finished 5/6 tasks with 6th tasks at 11/12.
If you are interested send me your invite code and I’ll invite you to join us.

Baba and boba. Perfect fit!

I was amused as well.

That was quick!

I’m at work and hopping between this and paperwork. Also I really hate being out of a guild so I’ve been trying to do what I can to find a good fit.