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Two players looking for active guild

We are looking for an active guild with at least 200k and 1500 seals requirement, more is possible.
We usually donate 500k +. We are on Pc/Android.
It would be great if your guild gets close to (or does) finishing all guild tasks.
All kingdoms are at 10.
Lv. 543 and 253.

Invite Codes: ORCHIDRA & SYRADETH (no typo)

Invite send

Thanks for the offer but 2 people is just too few for us, sorry. But we wish you good luck with your guild.

tThanks man , my invitation is open for you. If you can help us is a way of us all grow in the game.

UPDATE: We are still looking for a new home. So if anyone wants to invite us we would like to play with you.

Found a new home, thanks for all the interest!

Glad to see you guys found a good home. For anyone wondering, these two were in my guild previously and were great players (insane contributions, too). Happy hunting to you both. :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing you in PvP.

Thank you ogunther, we too wish you and the guild the best of luck.

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