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Looking for friendly,casual but active guild for my gf and me

GF: 140+lvl, 750 seal/w, 75k gold/w
Me: 500+lvl, 1500 seal/w , 300k+ gold/w
Gw, raid and invasion participation.

No discord requirement.
20k+ guild chests.
Eu guilds in favor.

Ask for invite codes.
Thank you.


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Too bad you guys aren’t on Xbox, otherwise I would take you. We already have some couples in my Guild. Lol. Good luck to you guys though :slight_smile:

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We have a discord server, but you don’t have to join it. Just send me a DM if you’re interested on here.

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Thank you, but we are looking for two spots.

I have one spot open now. And the other will be available within 24 hours. I’m waiting on the GM to kick someone that has gone inactive. If you want to wait until you both can join. That’s fine. Just need to know that’s your intentions.