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[29/30] Dominant (Rank 20) is Recruiting. We have 1 spot left for an active mid to end game level player. If you love the game and want to play in a fun and competitive guild, why not check us out? It may be a perfect fit!

Dominant has consistently been a top 20 guild. We are seeking active players that enjoy a fun and competitive game experience.

This is an awesome guild. We have sever husband and wife teams along with a lot of knowledgeable players who can help you get stronger so that you can increase your levle of fun. So if you are mid to late game player (level 700+ preferred) and don’t want the pressure of the higher guilds, come give us a try.

If you’re interested in coming on board check out this invite code - https://discord.gg/RwNdk5

Our weekly requirements are:

a minimum of 300 trophies each week
a minimum of 1,800 trophies each month
500K gold
being active daily in all events.
(These are minimums. Our guildmates average much more and that is what we expect from our new recruits too.)

While Discord is not mandatory it is the recognized program to share information for Gems of War, so it is beneficial for you and of course for the rest of the guild.

Yo, bro! i’m level 627, active, 500k gold contribute, > 8000 pvp points (>350 trophies), 1500 guild seals. Abusing dragon team (which is nice) and got a 4/5 win rate in guild wars.

IGN: dungdautay1995

i’d really love to join your guild

Come visit me on our Discord channel. I have a few questions and then we will sign you up. Here is the invite to the channel.

sure. give me a few mins

Sounds good.