Husband & Wife looking for guild together GUILD FOUND

I am a long time player (level 1066) and I started my own guild (The Last Exiles) when I first began playing (not sure exactly when, but it’s been at least 18 months).

I’ve largely built the guild up on my own to Elite 1 (Rank 2700ish) and converted my wife to the game. She is somewhat more casual than me (currently level 410) but we both play most days and typically manage at least 2500 seals between us weekly.

We’re looking for a new guild home, having grown tired of being unable to realistically compete in the newer game modes with only 2 members in our guild (Typically we win 9-10/10 guild battles every day, but still cannot match the scores of guilds with 20+ members). Our average gold contribution to our guild is currently around 750,000 per week.

I’d really like to find somewhere that regularly gets 20,000 seals per week, as I have a lot of guild keys saved up (currently sitting at well over 30,000 to spend).

Oh, and we’re jolly nice people too!


i would take you guys in my guild, but i think it may be a little smaller than you are looking for. It is fairly new, but growing, we have a range of levels, some under 100 some over 1k, currently have 21 out of 30 people. We do not hit 20k seals just yet, but I think we will soon. You would have access to our main guilds discord as well, lots of good information and discussions and advice from higher level more active people Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use - #43 by fishinia

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Hello Haddion! It seems as if what you and your wife can contribute would be a perfect fit for our semi-casual guild!

The only difference is that we can provide you more than what you are looking for! (which I do hope is a good thing :D) We regularly get 40k seals per week and are in Bracket 3 of GW, and happen to have two open spots for your taking! We also complete 8+ Legendary Tasks per week (which is a lot of sweet loot)

We are a friendly guild that promotes living life while getting all of the benefits from a high level guild at the same time. We like to keep it as casual as possible while pwning it up and having a good time in guild chat!

Feel free to check out the guilds requirements in more details in the link below. We’d love to have you and your wife as future long time members of our long standing 3 year guild! :slight_smile: PM me with any questions and hope to hear from you soon!


You sound like a wonderful asset to any guild you join. It’s likely that we could get you both in at Intrim IV at reset (we don’t like to change around mid-week). We have quite a few husband/wife couples, as well as parent/child etc. We get 20-40k seals every week. Reqs are 75t/750seals/75k, but most do waaaaaaayyyy more, as many of us are higher levels.

Let me know if you’d like to join up with us.

We would love to have you at Sushi-Bar ! We currently have 2 spots available for both you and your wife. We are a casual, family oriented guild. Our guild requirements are:

Seals: 1,000 per week
GW: 15 per week
Gold: whatever you can reasonably afford
Raids/Invasions: up to when it is no longer fun

As a guild we

1 Complete all guild tasks;
2 Complete 1 to 2 legendary tasks; and
3 Hit 40k seals on guild war weeks.

Our guild rank is 233 and our GW bracket is 9.

Among our more experienced members, we stand at :

Lvl 1000+: 16 players
Lvl 800 to 999: 4 players
Lvl 500 to 799: 4 players

For more info, you can check our recruitment thread:

If you are interested, send me a message and I can send you an invite.

Cat Haven is even more casual. We have about 15 players all together. No requirements except that you must be in at least once a week. Exceptions are available if notified in advance. As for seals per week, the highest we’ve done is 10,000…and that’s with just about 6-7 people doing anything.
We are quite willing to have you and would enjoy having both of you. In game chat would be the best while in guild to talk. If you want any other info, PM me here. Thanks for reading.

Come check us out… Lots of fun people and a place for everyone! We have couples like yourself as well as entire Wolf clans! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you a Troublesomestrumpett? If not, would you like to be? (You, not your wife, but she’s welcome to join too :wink: )

If so, come and have a look at our recruitment page: Troublesomestrumpett looking for Midgame Players New Recruitment thread 75k/ 750s - GW, Invasion, Raid not obligatory but welcomed :)

Just wanted to say thanks for all the warm and friendly invitations we received (and very quickly too!)

We’ve decided to take up the offer from Heroes United and see how that goes - so far they seem like rather nice folks!



Heroes United is a great guild to be a part of. Have fun and happy gemming to you both :smiley:

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