Topic to close, found guild with my wife

I warmly welcome.
Together with the my Wife we are looking for a strong guild. We are active and participate in guild wars.

My lvl 553 / all kingdoms on 10 lvl. My capabilities 1500S/500K/300+T/week. Play PC
My Wife lvl 262 / 11 kingdoms on lvl 10,capabilities 1500S/100K/200-250T/week.Play Mobile

Because my wife is still leveling the kingdoms, i can throw a bit more gold to balance.

It would be nice if the guild was doing few tasks/week and maybe even all and legendary :slightly_smiling_face:

Best Regards

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My guild’s going through some reform due to recent levels of inactivity among its members causing some of the more active members to be antsy, but you’re welcome to join us if you’d like. We’re Fantasy Fighters, currently with 170% gold bonus, guild statues all ~ lv 40, and so far regularly hit ~15k seals per week, but are looking for more active players like yourselves. If you decide to join a stronger guild, no problem, but we’d love to have you join and help us grow!

Stratagemini is the place for you.
We are former members of stratagem (top 4 guild).
We are a new guild (less than 3 weeks) but already strong, we are currently 25 and almost achieve all the tasks. In a few weeks we will have legendaries for sure.
You can visit our recruitement thread on this forum if you want.
See you soon,

If you are still looking for a guild, The Elders has room for both of you!

The mins are only 60k/600s/40t so not high for your wife to meet, while most members donate more along the lines of yourself. We hit 35k seals regularly so with both of you in the guild, 40k could become more common!

If you have already joined a guild, I understand! Just thought I would give you another option.

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Join to druid vale

I recommend joining @Zippity in the elders!

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Hi Arcardelius,

Nice to hear from you! Awesome that you are a husband/wife team. Madcows
was formed by me and my girlfriend. :slight_smile:

We can definitely make room for the two of you but we do not currently do
all + legendaries. Maybe someday soon because we are growing rapidly, but
not currently. If you are okay with that, let me know and I can invite you


hi,we currently have 2 spots in spartacus,rank 269 guild and very active.We complete 3 tasks and the rest up to 9.We do 30-35 and sometimes 40k seals.
If you’re interesting just pm me,thank you
our reqs are 1k seals and 100 trophies,no gold reqs

we will be happy if you and your wife would like to join us. No problem to find 2 spaces for you

You sound like you would both be a good match for HomeBound. We currently only have one spot open, but I know the GM is planning on a 2nd opening; he’s been waiting for this current vacancy to fill first but I could easily convince him to speed things along if you’re both interested.

It will be fun to have you, we’ve already got a brother-sister pair! :smiley:

We have an ad up currently that gives details on the guild:

Message me if you’re interested!

Topic to close,found guild with my wife.