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My GoW-playing bot in action (for fun only, I am not using/distributing it!)

In 2019 I wrote a GoW bot to try impress my wife - my wife wasn’t very impressed, so I thought folks here might like to see it. It was pretty good at the gem matching part of the game and completely terrible at the spell casting part, but it was winning around 95% of games against evenly-matched teams.


I wrote this in C# just for fun; I never used it to advance far in the game and I was never a competitive player. I ran it for a week or so in 2019 then stopped playing entirely - I actually loaded GoW a year later and my account was banned, so 505 are doing a good job!

I will absolutely not be sharing it with anyone ​(well, except the GoW developers should they be interested). I realise this is a post about hacking, but as I’m not actually helping anyone hack I’m hoping it’s ok. GoW is a great game and I don’t want to cause any trouble!