Is it OK to use Discord Game Overlay chat or is it a bannable offense?

Hi @Cyrup, @Saltypatra,

I am really happy with the new cheat detection system. That is great news!

I know the game has its own chat and you all have worked hard on improving it, but there are still some issues and its history retention is short.

My question is about using the chat game overlay that Discord has. Is it OK to use it or is it considered as cheating by the new system?


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If you do this. It’ll be considered hacking code most likely and therefore you could be banned.
If the devs do it, that’s a whole different story.
But by my understanding of adding Discord to GoW is up to the developers, not the players.

Hi awryan,

This feature is a function from Discord that you can use in several games, including GoW. Did you have the opportunity to see the link that I posted above?

I am not sure myself of the legality of it, so that’s why I am asking. I just learned of it by reading a post about requested features:

When doing a search on Discord about such feature, I found out that indeed it was possible to do the same in GoW as you can do with other games. This only facilitates communication between players and between players and devs, since you can connect to any Discord server.

Does it help you with the game? Yes, it certanly does as the exchange of information on chat helps you out.

I am not making a case for exceptions, looking for any exceptions or arguing against banning. I am in favor of the improved system and banning cheaters.

I use Discord a lot and switch screens back and forth between the game and Discord. I just discovered this feature and I am curious if it is legal to use it, since it’s from a company that is not making something to hack or cheat on games. Does that sounds like an exception? ugh…

It would just be cool to make use of it.


My bad. I was commenting on prior knowledge of discord being integrated into games.
As long as you or a 3rd party app isn’t altering code in the game. I see no issue with the overlay now that I read about that as a new feature.
The devs are usually cool with apps that support the game so long as it doesn’t give you an edge. Yes discord does technically qualify as an edge. But everyone is able to get it and it’s just a communication tool.
I would wait until a dev says they have no issue with it though. You’re better off submitting a ticket and asking for approval that way. The forums are always a toss of a coin whether questions will be answered or not.

Thanks for the feedback, awryan!


If you’re not tampering with the code of the game or running scripts it’s all good. Something like this doesn’t worry us at all, so please feel free to continue using it. :blush:


Thanks @Saltypatra for clarifying this issue and I appreciate you making time to answer my question during the weekend!