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Multiple "Storm Death" traits order

So, i noticed that using two or more concurrent “Storm Generating” traits, triggering on enemies death it’s the last one, from the top to bottom order, that prevails. It’s cool, feels like the sequence of spells/effects in MtG stack, but…

Would it be possible to allow the players some control of such triggers? I think it would help us to give more control over our strategies/effects without making some teams inviable because the troops’ order to get the correct storm would mess up the mana flow of said team. A simple window to order the storms would be enough showing the stack order and allowing us to move the priorities around.
For example:
Default order----------------Custom order

In this case, following how the storms are stacked i just exchanged the purple and yellow storms to be sure that the Darkstorm would be the last one to trigger, and prevail over the Lightstorm, without needing to change the placement of my troops.

Something like this could also help in new future effects/triggers interactions.


Strictly speaking, this is so uncommon that it would likely be a waste of dev time to implement any system to deal with this. Which is unfortunate, because that would be neat to have.

Except they released a hero class this week that causes this exact issue with, arguably, the best dwarf storm generator Bloodhammer.

I run a Stonehammer lead team because he is great when doomstorm backfires on you, so I would like the option to to re order what storm is generated if he bites the the dust. Dust storms are less punishing to squishy troops. :wink:


I like to look at it not as waste, but more like an investiment.

There are some current interactions that could benefit from this. Drathas mentioned one and there could be more in the future. Also the game could certainly benefit from such feature specially if it allows the devs to create more interesting mechanics with triggers because they already have a working system to help us manage it all.

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I meant a waste from their perspective. They have a to-do list a mile long but its full of things to which they saaaay… “This would be really cool! But it’d have little impact and take two days to program, so we’re not doing it.”


Oh ok, but well god forbid me if any of my suggestions would take away time they could use to develop things to disappont/infuriate players 60% of the time.

If anything they could maybe consider this by 2021. Keep in mind i’m running my calculations based on my personnal experience, it took nearly two years for them to decide on making any changes to the gnolls after i suggested some upgrades for them and some other troops of Wild Plains… And the result was nothing but… disappointing… :expressionless:

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